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Cumulus keeps a log of changes to the 'all time records', called alltimelog.txt, which can be found in the data folder. An entry is added to this file every time an all-time record changes, with details of the old and new records. This log can then be used to 'backtrack' if spurious data causes an all-time record to be broken incorrectly. It is also a useful log of when records were actually broken.

This file is just a log of changes, it is not read by Cumulus. Editing it has no effect.

Format of the file

each line in the text file is made up of the following detail, delimited with a space

  • new date
  • new time
  • new value
  • "item name"
  • old date
  • old time
  • old value

The dates are in ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd) and the times are in hh:mm 24-hour format (the separator is always a colon, irrespective of system settings), and the values are always to three decimal places. You should round the values appropriately when using them. The quotes are present with the item names.

Example line of the file

2010-02-24 05:19 -7.600 "Lowest temperature" 2009-02-09 04:50 -6.500