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This article is about the MX diagnostic log file. This is created on the device running the MX engine, a new file is started each time MX is restarted.

The contents can be enhanced by turning debugging on and/or by turning data logging on

How to change the content of the diagnostics log file

In admin interface Settings tab, station settings, Options section, select debug logging (and if communications between weather station and MX are relevant select data logging). This adds a lot of extra information to the log designed to help answer questions when someone has a problem.

Alternatively, when starting MX, add CumulusMX.exe -debug (to have full debugging turned on as MX starts), CumulusMX.exe -Logging=1 (for the Davis specific logging).

sudo mono CumulusMX.exe -debug -Logging=1

for both options described below.

Data Logging

This adds extra information about transfers between your weather station and MX. It was introduced originally for Davis stations only, but is extended to cover more stations in later releases

Debug Logging

This adds extra information about transfers from MX, and all the internal MX processes.

For transfers, this is including those involving file transfer to a web server, those involving updating to a database server, transfers to external web sites such as WOW and Windy.

For internal processes, this includes writing to log files, shutdown and many more.

Standard Logging

Even without the extras above switched on a lot of information is recorded.

Basically if you have any sort of problem, turn this on because it