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18/11/13 - mcrossley - Re change 3193, <#wdirdata> & <#wspddata> are not necessarily every 10 seconds are they? It depends on the station, so Fine Offsets are 'read' every 10 seconds, and a value gets written (whether it has changed or not, the data only changes every 48 seconds), but for Davis it will be about every 2.5 seconds, and possibly other values for other stations.

18 Nov 2013 - sfws - Just to say I know which change you mean, but I don't see changes numbered in any view I have, except after I reverse a change. Anyway, I bow to your superior knowledge, and have revised the entry. Is there anywhere that documents that reading interval?

My contributions are based most often on comments by Steve Loft in forum. Sometimes I fail to grasp they apply to a restricted context. When possible updates I make are only after I have done some investigations on my installation, but I only have a Fine Offset. Thank you, I am really grateful for your feedback as I remain a mere novice.

01 Nov 2014 - mcrossley - I have rolled back your change to at <#MonthMaxTempLD> tag as I do not think it reflects what the user has to use. What you had put is what the output from tag looks like. BTW the I think equivalent tag to the default output would be at <#MonthMaxTempLD format="'at 'hh:nn' on 'dd mmmm">

18 Nov 2014 - sfws - Many thanks for your comment, I agree it is not 'what the user has to use', but disagree 'is what the output from tag looks like' as the tag without any format only shows date (dd mmmm), I agree with your BTW. As you will know some of the tag groups have separate columns for time and date, other groups have a single tag for time/date with your BTW format. The 'monthly records' of course contain both spot records (that have associated time and date) and range or total records (that apply to a day as a whole so don't have an associated time). My original change was (if I remember correctly) in response to some forum answer (by Steve) that in effect explained that some tags labelled date contained time information, some have the time and date in separate tags, while for others only time (or only date) is relevant. Again if I recall correctly the Wiki seemed clear to me for the tag that was being discussed, but I identified these two tags where the Wiki was not clear as in this case it is not true to assert 'time' is not available, just because there is no separate tag for it, but I accept that saying in time column see date column and attempting to convey in date column how time was available was muddling. I hope this change is a more acceptable one as it shows options available, but I've not attempted to reflect the BTW issue. As always I value all your thoughts, and am happy for anything I do to be removed or improved on.