Version 1.9.1

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Release Date: April 6, 2011

This is not the current version

Changes from version 1.9.0:

  • Added apparent temperature and web tag <#apptemp>
  • Added humidity high and low, and corresponding web tags
  • Wunderground uploads 'catch up' from logger data
  • Allow chart line width to be configured
  • Allow individual temperature chart lines to be shown/hidden
  • Optional gradient background for charts
  • Fix evapotranspiration recording (Davis)
  • Calculate hours of sunshine (Davis)
  • Added high rain rate to "this month/year/period" display
  • Added rain to xAP reports
  • Option to round wind speeds to nearest integer
  • Option to disconnect Davis IP connections once a minute
  • Select-A-Graph colours saved over a restart
  • Option to show/hide humidity chart lines
  • Don't initialise USB for non-USB stations
  • Wind rose transparency is configurable
  • New wind gauge
  • New spike removal facility
  • Moved realtime FTP into separate thread
  • Compass colours now configurable
  • New all time record for apparent temp and heat index, plus webtags
  • New all time record display and editor
  • Add sunshine hours to this month/year/period displays
  • Start of rainfall season can be specified
  • New 'highs and lows' displays, and corresponding web tags
  • Support of WH3080 and WH3081 stations
  • 'Format' parameters for date and time web tags
  • Run external commands at ftp time
  • Maintain highs and lows for dew point
  • Moon percent web tags
  • Solar Radiation, UV, and Apparent temp added to Select-A-Graph
  • New editors for highs and lows with re-generation from log files
  • web tags for all-time records indicators
  • 'Lowest max' and 'Highest min' temps now include times
  • Many other enhancements and fixes