Version 1.9.3

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Release Date: February 09, 2013 (build 1059)

Release History

April 10, 2012 (build 1033)
April 30, 2012 (build 1034)
May 29, 2012 (build 1035)
June 1, 2012 (build 1036)
June 6, 2012 (build 1037)
June 8, 2012 (build 1038)
June 13, 2012 (build 1039)
June 20, 2012 (build 1040)
July 2, 2012 (build 1041)
July 17, 2012 (build 1042)
July 29, 2012 (build 1043)
August 15, 2012 (build 1044)
September 2, 2012 (build 1045)
September 3, 2012 (build 1046)
September 4, 2012 (build 1047)
October 4, 2012 (build 1048)
October 6, 2012 (build 1049)
October 12, 2012 (build 1050)
October 16, 2012 (build 1051)
October 25, 2012 (build 1052)
November 3, 2012 (build 1053)
December 3, 2012 (build 1054)
December 9, 2012 (build 1055)
December 19, 2012 (build 1056)
December 21, 2012 (build 1057)
January 14, 2013 (build 1058)

Changes from version 1.9.2:


  • Fixes compass flicker
  • Attempts to fix Twitter hang
  • New web tags
    • <#DataStopped> - 1 if the station has apparently stopped sending data to Cumulus, otherwise 0
    • 'Recent History' web tags, giving selected data values from 1 minute ago, up to 1 week ago, in 1 minute intervals.
  • Month-by-month all time records, and web tags. These are things like 'highest ever January temperature' etc.
  • Added a new 'standard' web page for the month-by-month records, called monthlyrecord.htm
  • Display and logging of 'extra' sensors, e.g. Davis extra temperature, leaf wetness etc, WMR200 extra sensors, etc.
  • Built-in viewers for 'standard' and 'extra' data logs (on the View menu)


  • <#LastDataReadT> web tag (time last data was read)


  • Fix spurious rolllover with WMR200 when restarted just after midnight
  • Cater for WMR100/200/etc rain rate overflow value
  • Put some retries in when Davis station initialisation fails
  • New charts for Solar, UV, and daily sunshine hours


  • Option to hide theoretical max on solar chart
  • Added option to not calculate Altimeter Pressure (Davis stations)
  • Add highs for solar and UV for today and yesterday


  • Correct minimum value on UV graph Y-axis (fix at zero)


  • UV now displayed and logged as whole numbers by default.
  • Option (for 'incomplete' stations) to disable the sensor check


  • Adds support for the Hydreon RG-11 Rain Sensor


  • Now takes a 'backup' of active files (for 'rewind' purposes) after each daily rollover as well as at start up.


  • Fix comma on first value of <#wspddata>
  • New web tags
    • <#RCwlatest> same as <#wlatest> with decimal comma replaced by full stop if necessary
    • <#avgtempY> - yesterday's average temperature
  • Fix crash at start up on Turkish systems


  • Fix bug where monthly records appear in wrong month when downloading logger data across a month boundary
  • Allow configurable max FTP connect retries via cumulus.ini
  • Fix <#RecentRainToday> values


  • Fixed cancelling of temp trend alarm
  • Fix comma on first value of <#WindRoseData>
  • New web tag
    • <#IsFreezing> gives 1 if outside temperature is at or below 0C/32F, otherwise 0
    • <#metdate> the current meteorlogical day
  • Added a 'channel' parameter to the <#txbattery> web tag


  • New web tags
    • New RC web tags (if decimal commas are in use they are replaced by decimal points):
<#RCdewpointTH> <#RCdewpointTL> <#RCwchillTL> <#RCheatindexTH> <#RCapptempTH> <#RCapptempTL>
  • New web tags giving Beaufort 'description' for today's and yesterday's high wind speed
<#Tbeaudesc> <#Ybeaudesc>
  • Add decimal place to WM-918 pressure value
  • Make plotted wind values obey 'Round wind speeds' setting


  • Fix beta bugs


  • Fix incorrect date on high windrun records for Davis stations, when rollover is done from logger data


  • Fix windrun record date for 0900/1000 rollover
  • Fix crash at start up on some locales (e.g. Bulgaria)
  • Changed WMR200 code slightly. May prevent hanging. May not.


  • Removed: Changed WMR200 code from build 1048


  • Twitter: change to new API as the old one has been turned off (so all tweets failed).


  • Fix degree symbols (etc) in Twitter updates


  • Change USB operations for WMR200 to try to avoid hanging


  • Fix bug with saving month.ini and year.ini if 0900/1000 rollover in use and Cumulus restarted between midnight and 0900/1000 on 1st of month
  • Fixed sorting bug in dayfile editor ('create missing') when system has US date format


  • Option in display settings to turn off new all-time record notifications
  • New web tag <#yesterday> gives yesterday's date. 'Format' parameter can be applied.
  • Added number of dry days to This Month/Year/Period displays
  • Yesterday's wind run added as a mouseover to today's value on main screen
  • Increase max number of extra ftp files to 99 (via cumulus.ini)
  • Fix some problems with timestamps in daily backups


  • New web tags:
    • <#metdateyesterday> - gives yesterday's 'meterological' date, for those using 0900/1000 rollover
    • <#DaysSince30Dec1899> (gives whole and fractional part) Example: 41250.6523310301
  • Make sure today's rain total is reset at end of day before any internet updates.
  • Experimental option in the station settings - "Synchronise Fine Offset reads". This is an attempt to work around the Fine Offset 'USB lockup' problem. It does this by synchronising once a day with the console's 48-second and 60-second updates, and avoids communicating with the console for three seconds either side of each of those. Thanks to Jim Easterbrook for the method.


  • Fixes bug in realtime.txt values for some items for some users with extra sensors
  • New web tag <#DaysSinceRecordsBegan>


  • Improve wind run calculation when using Fine Offset logger data


  • Fix <#metdateyesterday>
  • Don't allow rain since midnight to be negative
  • Fix incorrect rain since midnight on Davis stations on 1st January.
  • Cater for commas in passwords for WU/WOW/PWSWeather/Weatherbug
  • Check for Davis firmware 3 and adjust data polling interval to avoid excessive reads
  • Fix Leaf Wetness Captions in strings.ini overwriting Leaf Temp Captions
  • Fix UV values so number of decimals places is consistent throughout
  • Change default UV decimals to 1 for Davis stations
  • Allow 'format' parameter on <#recordsbegandate>
  • Fix Fine Offset 'sensor clock' re-sync