Version 1.9.4

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Release Date: 27 October 2013 (build 1085)
Latest (general) Patch Update: 28 November 2014 (build 1099)
If you are intending to upgrade to this release, please read all of the release notes since the build you are currently running.

Release History

February 27, 2013 (b1061)
March 16, 2013 (b1062)
March 19, 2013 (b1063)
March 25, 2013 (b1064)
March 28, 2013 (b1065)
March 30, 2013 (b1066)
April 07, 2013 (b1067)
April 09, 2013 (b1068)
April 17, 2013 (b1069)
April 23, 2013 (b1070)
April 28, 2013 (b1071)
May 04, 2013 (b1072)
May 10, 2013 (b1073)
May 11, 2013 (b1074)
May 12, 2013 (b1075)
May 12, 2013 (b1076)
May 23, 2013 (b1077)
May 24, 2013 (b1078)
May 27, 2013 (b1079)
June 03, 2013 (b1080)
July 09, 2013 (b1081)
July 09, 2013 (b1082)
September 12, 2013 (b1083)
September 16, 2013 (b1084)
October 27, 2013 (b1085) - Production release
December 16, 2013 (b1086) - Patch update
January 15, 2014 (b1087) - Patch update
January 28, 2014 (b1088) - Patch upgrade
March 05, 2014 (b1089) - Patch upgrade
April 07, 2014 (b1090) - Patch upgrade
April 11, 2014 (b1091) - Patch upgrade
April 20, 2014 (b1092) - Patch upgrade
April 27, 2014 (b1093) - Patch upgrade
April 28, 2014 (b1094) - Patch upgrade
May 01, 2014 (b0195) - Patch upgrade
June 07, 2014 (b0196) - Patch upgrade
June 20, 2014 (b1097) - Patch upgrade
August 07, 2014 (b1098) - Patch upgrade
November 28, 2014 (b1099) - Patch upgrade

Changes from version 1.9.3:


  • Initial support for Instromet weather stations. See This has had limited testing so far and is likely to require bug fixes and further enhancement.
  • Change row highlight colour on dayfile.txt editor to make more obvious
  • Show 'wet bulb' as mouseover on dew point figure on main screen
  • Ensure 'today's rain' chart axis always starts at zero
  • Don't try to process a standard template file if it's been deleted
  • Allow 'EES' for 'ESE' in easyweather.dat to work around bug in someone else's software
  • Added logging to debug.log of entries read from easyweather.dat
  • Individual 'bad' sensor readings from Fine Offset no longer cause all data to be discarded. Watch out for possible bugs!
  • Support for HTTP proxies - completely untested and will probably need further work. Feedback requested!


  • Fix 'create missing' bug in dayfile.txt editor when 0900/1000 rollover in use
  • Make sure PWS weather responses get logged
  • Change Instromet logger interval if changed in Cumulus, not just at start up
  • Web tag <#RecentTS>. Takes parameters like the 'recent data' web tags (e.g. <#RecentOutsideTemp>) and gives the timestamp of the data that will be returned for those web tags with the supplied parameters (it may not have the data for the exact time specified). Format can be specified in the usual way with the 'format' parameter.
Using the existing tag like this <#RecentOutsideTemp h=1 m=1> will give the nearest available temperature on or after one hour and one minute ago.
The new tag <#RecentTS h=1 m=1> will give the time and date of the nearest available data on or after one hour and one minute ago.
  • 'Replaced Comma' versions of the 'recent history' web tags (the others are integers):
  • Select-A-Graph now has units in titles
  • Calibration setting for wet bulb temp (when read directly from station)


  • Fix thread crash after PWS Weather upload (bug introduced in build 1062)


  • Add 'rain since midnight' to monthly log files (this is for 0900/1000 'rollover' users; normally same as rain today for 'midnight rollover' users)


  • Fix 'rain last hour' and 'rain last 24 hours' being slightly too high after a restart, when a rain multiplier greater than 1 is in use
  • Fix saving of HTTP proxy settings


  • Fix crash caused by another bug in the PWS Weather code change in build 1062


  • Write today.ini again after processing Davis logger data, in case rain counter has changed
  • Change 'high gust alarm' to use 10-minute max gust instead of 'latest'
  • Change edit components used for YTD rain, trans factor, and pressure extremes on stations settings screen
  • Change check for Davis firmware for auto VP2SleepInterval to just version 3.00 rather than >= 3.00
  • Discard out of sequence Davis logger entries


  • Trap exception in WMR200 altimeter pressure calculation caused by bad pressure reading


  • Calculate theoretical solar max when using logger data, even if station has no solar sensor
  • Change X-Axis label formatting on Select-A-Graph so wind dir isn't just a date all the time
  • Set Davis and Instromet clock (if configured) at 0400 as well as at start up


  • Make sure main window is re-enabled if Fine Offset station not responding at start up
  • Option to turn off reporting of 'lost sensor contact' for Fine Offset stations. Add a line to the [Station] section of cumulus.ini:
  • Optional parameter (dp) on <#latitude> and <#longitude> web tags. If supplied, instead of the usual web-encoded text format with degrees/minutes/seconds, the result is in decimal degrees to the specified number of decimal places.


  • For 'easyweather.dat' input method: Read UV and Lux values from easyweather.dat file if 'extra sensors' selected.
  • Ignore outdoor data if 'sensor contact lost' set in Fine Offset logger data


  • Make sure 'last rain tip' time isn't updated when ignoring spurious large increase in Fine Offset rain counter
  • Allow floating point UV values in easyweather.dat file
  • Make sure 'solar' rather than 'extra' labels are used for easyweather.dat input


  • Make sure Davis rain rates can never be negative
  • Add "rc" parameter to <#latitude> and <#logitude> web tags. If the "dp" parameter has been supplied, then supplying "rc=y" in addition will cause any decimal comma to be converted to a decimal point.
  • For Davis stations, read the high gust value from the console once a minute, in case the high value was missed during normal reading. Note that this only works for midnight start of day configurations, the console can't supply the correct figure for 0900 start of day.
  • Fix bug in the change in build 1071 to check 'sensor contact lost' set in Fine Offset logger data


  • Fix small chance of crash in Davis high gust code added in build 1073
  • Actually include the fix for the check 'sensor contact lost' set in Fine Offset logger data!


  • Fix units on solar display panel for easyweather.dat input
  • Make sure new Davis 'high gust' code doesn't use yesterday's figure just after midnight


  • Another attempt at preventing yesterday's Davis high gust being used today - don't read it for the first five minutes after midnight


  • Change CWOP header to use "TCPIP*" rather than the deprecated "TCPXX*"
  • Option to save NOAA-style reports with UTF-8 encoding


  • Change NOAA UTF-8 report saving for automatic case as well as manual
  • Fix 'isdaylight' when dusk is after midnight


  • Make sure forecast gets updated for Instromet stations when 'update hourly' isn't selected.
  • Hide indoor panel for Instromet stations
  • Put extra temp on solar/extra panel for Instromet stations
  • Undo unintentional change in build 1078 which caused 'extra' web files to be saved using UTF-8
  • New web tag: <#MinutesSinceLastRainTip> - The number of minutes since the last rain gauge tip, in whole numbers, rounded down


  • Change some edit controls which were causing problems on some systems
  • Prevent crash when removing old recent data
  • Do wind chill calculation for Instromet stations
  • Fix UTF-8 option for manual saving of annual NOAA report


  • Make sure files to be copied at realtime interval are done even if ftp connection fails
  • Fix bug in third party edit control which causes problems on systems where user locale settings are not the same as system locale settings.
  • Added new monthly and yearly rain parameters to Weatherbug uploads
  • Sending of location data to Twitter is now optional
  • Change buttons on dialogues back to plain standard buttons


  • Correct anchoring of buttons changed in build 1081


  • Prevent crash when RG11 settings are opened
  • Prevent crash when calculating dewpoint for LaCrosse when station gives zero humidity in logger data
  • Update units on extra data screen without requiring a restart
  • Change 'create missing' in dayfile.txt editor to put Heating and Cooling degree days the right way round in the file


  • Prevent crash when saving of annual NOAA report is cancelled
  • Don't reset today's rain on Davis stations if rain counter can't be read at start up


  • Diagnostic logging changes


  • Stop occasional crash when adding to "recent data"
  • Update pressure trend string for Instromet stations
  • Correct setting of recent UV values when loaded from data logs at start up (affects <#RecentUV> web tag)
  • Correct average wind speed on NOAA monthly report and "This Period" for 0900/1000 rollover users


  • Use wind calibration settings when calculating wind run from Davis logger data
  • Dominant wind direction should be zero (and not 90) when there has been no wind at all today
  • Cater for latest Twitter API change which broke the Twitter updates


  • Changes the <#RecentWindGust> web tag so that it always supplies 'recent max gust' rather than 'gust'


  • Change extraction of wind direction for Fine Offset to only use lower 4 bits.
  • Make sure all-time wettest month record always has correct month applied
  • Allow year selection back to 2000 for 'This month', 'This year', and NOAA reports
  • Delay writing of end of day backup files until the first log entry is written (closing Cumulus down close to midnight causes problems on restart. This change avoids Cumulus creating a backup set which simulates that situation.)
  • Added comment at end of script in 'monthlyrecordsT.htm' explaining the code change needed to load page showing current month


  • Fix issue where Fine Offset pressure spike removal wasn't applied when outdoor sensor contact lost.
  • Apply pressure calibration offset to Altimeter Pressure also, on Davis stations.
  • Fix commented-out code in monthlyrecordT.htm to start at current month so it actually works when enabled
  • Added 'storm rain' for Davis stations. Display is turned off by default; enable display in Cumulus via the display settings screen; it appears in the header of the 'rainfall' panel on the main screen, while the storm rain figure is non-zero. Two new web tags, <#StormRain> giving the current amount, and <#StormRainStart> (takes the usual optional 'format' parameter) giving the date of the start of the 'storm'. These work independently of the display setting. Refer to Davis documentation for an explanation of these figures, Cumulus just reports the values supplied by the console.


  • I've noticed that the 'storm rain' text on the main screen rain panel gets too long when the number of digits of rain increases. I've changed it so it only displays the amount, with the full details on a 'mouseover'


  • New option on the calibration setting screen: The Davis Altitude offset is used in the calculation of Altimeter Pressure on Davis stations. The offset is applied to the altitude read from the console before being used in the calculation of Altimeter Pressure (Note: this is the not the altitude configured in Cumulus, it is the altitude configured in the Davis console). The point of this is that the station itself uses the altitude setting to calculate MSLP (sea-level pressure) and you may find that the configured altitude is OK for the MSLP calculation, but you need an offset for the Altimeter Pressure calculation. You should supply the offset in whatever units you have set for altitude in Cumulus (ft or m). Note that if you have supplied a Pressure Offset, this will also be applied to the Altimeter Pressure when it has been calculated.


Full release Details

  • option to encode web pages using UTF-8.
  • if you use standard Cumulus pages, you need to download the new ones that are HTML 5 compliant, and specify a UTF-8 encoded charset.
  • the dashboard.js file has changed (added inline CSS changes 'margin: auto;' required for HTML5 compliance) so if you use the standard gauges page check you have downloaded this revised script by downloading the standard templates.

Web settings.JPG*note there is a separate UTF-8 encode option for the standard files as shown here, and this is 'on' by default (as the standard files now require it). If you have your own (or use third party) modified versions of the standard templates (and therefore choose the option not to install the web page templates when you install this version of Cumulus), then you will need to turn this option off, unless you convert your template pages to use UTF-8 encoding. see here

  • The files tab of the internet setting has a checkbox for each 'extra' file to allow UTF-8 enocding to be selected. The setting is 'off' by default. If you are using more than 10 extra files by editing cumulus.ini, you can turn on UTF-8 encoding for those by using a similar method to the existing settings for those extra files. E.g. setting ExtraUTF42=1 would turn on UTF-8 encoding for extra file number 42.


  • Fix new UTF-8 code so that it reads UTF-8 input files correctly.
  • Make sure timers for realtime.txt etc don't get started until data has been read (to avoid invalid data being written)
  • Make sure 'data stopped' isn't triggered if PC clock changes.


  • Fix confusion of leaf and soil readings when using Davis logger data
  • Option to send Davis soil temp, soil moisture, and leaf wetness to Wunderground. Configure by editing cumulus.ini (with Cumulus stopped) and adding any of the following to the [Wunderground] section:
    • SendSoilTemp1=1
    • SendSoilTemp2=1
    • SendSoilTemp3=1
    • SendSoilTemp4=1
    • SendSoilMoisture1=1
    • SendSoilMoisture2=1
    • SendSoilMoisture3=1
    • SendSoilMoisture4=1
    • SendLeafWetness1=1
    • SendLeafWetness2=1


  • Option to specify rain collector model for Davis stations for situations where the Davis DLL is unable to read it from station, and your rain figures in Cumulus are incorrect as a result (can happen when using Virtual VP, for example). To use it, with Cumulus stopped, add a line to the [Station] section of cumulus.ini:

Where X is an integer from 0 to 5 with the following meaning:

0 - 0.1 inch
1 - 0.01 inch
2 - 0.2 mm
3 - 1 mm
4 - 'other' inch
5 - 'other' mm


  • Selecting APRS/CWOP option to send solar radiation now also adds it to wxnow.txt
  • Pressure in wxnow.txt is now 'altimeter' rather than MSLP


  • Fix Evapotranspiration being zero when read from logger data (Davis only)
  • Fix 'recent data' web tags when data came from logger (it previously wasn't included)
  • WMR80/100 battery indicators only appear when the relevant sensor has sent a data packet
  • Added Web tag <#dailygraphperiod> - the number of days displayed by the daily graphs
  • Add "second order" multiplier for outdoor Temperature calibration

This last change allows a value to be provided which is multiplied by the temperature reading squared, and the result added to the actual reading (the supplied value can be negative). To use this, add a line to Cumulus.ini_(Cumulus_1)#Section:_Offsets (with Cumulus stopped):


In other words, this means that the logged reading can be (TempMult2 * temp²) + (TempMult * temp) + TempOffset

The default value is obviously 0, no second order modifcation.


This is the stable release of Cumulus 1 preceding the development of Cumulus 3 (MX).

  • Save month.ini and year.ini when longest wet/dry spell occurs (so the record can't get lost if Cumulus is closed 'untidily')
  • Log latest reading to diags when Fine Offset sensor contact lost (for diagnostic purposes)
  • Option (in Display Settings) to set the saved graph images to have a transparent background
  • Option to send indoor data to Weather Underground

You can download a copy here


This build is a special one for Instromet station users only.

Instromet asked me to stop using one of the functions (the 'regress logs' command) of the logger, as they said it caused problems. So I produced a version of Cumulus which doesn't use that function - it identifies itself as build 1100 in Help - About. If you are an Instromet user, and your logger operates at 115200 baud, you should use build 1100. You can download a copy here


This build is a special one for Instromet station users only.

If you are an Instromet user, and your logger operates at 19200 baud, you should use build 1101. You can download a copy here