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If all works, AWEKAS will soon start retrieving your data -- this can often take an hour or so to start.
If all works, AWEKAS will soon start retrieving your data -- this can often take an hour or so to start.
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AWEKAS is an automatic weather mapping system for data provided by private weather stations around the world. It was started in Austria and has been in operation since 2004. It has over 2,000 weather stations participating around the world, providing data in German, Dutch, English, French and Italian. The initials stand for "Automatisches WEtterKArten System".

It supports a number of weather stations, including Cumulus, and details on how to configure this are below.

Membership to AWEKAS is free and requires registration.

Configuring Cumulus for AWEKAS

AWEKAS will expect access to a small file on your website. It has the following format:

  1. Following text: AWEKAS_Template_start
  2. Outside temperature (unit at line 23 )
  3. Humidity (unit at line 24)
  4. Air pressure (unit at line 26)
  5. Precipitation amount in the day
  6. Wind speed (unit at line 25)
  7. Wind direction (in degrees)
  8. Time of measurement (HH:MM)
  9. Date of measurement (if possible in the format DD.MM.YYYY)
  10. Change in air pressure in the last 6 hours – text version according to Weather Link specification
  11. Minus sign (-) is a dummy
  12. Minus sign (-) is a dummy
  13. Minus sign (-) is a dummy
  14. Minus sign (-) is a dummy
  15. Minus sign (-) is a dummy
  16. Minus sign (-) is a dummy
  17. Minus sign (-) is a dummy
  18. Gust
  19. Solar radiation (W/m²) (unit at line 28 )
  20. UV Index (unit at line 30)
  21. Rain rate (unit at line 29)
  22. Soil temperature (unit at line 23 )
  23. Measurement unit temperature ( (degree sign)C or F )
  24. Measurement unit humidity (%)
  25. Measurement unit wind speed (km/hr , m/s, mph )
  26. Measurement unit air pressure (hPa , in)
  27. Measurement unit precipitation (mm, in)
  28. Measurement unit solar (W/m² )
  29. Measurement unit rain rate (mm/hr, in/hr)
  30. Measurement unit UV (index)
  31. Template version: current Text: Template_V1.5

All values must be on a separate line and each entry end with a <br> tag.

Using Cumulus and webtags it is possible to automatically produce the file and upload it to your webserver for AWEKAS to access.

Firstly, copy the text below into a blank text file (using Notepad or the equivalent), or download it here

% <br>


Save the file to a folder on your Cumulus PC, perhaps into the data folder. It MUST be called awekas_wl.htm

Within Cumulus click the menus... Configuration, Internet, Files .... Use the 'Browse' button and find the awekas_wl.htm you have just created. Give it the same filename, and place it in the required folder on your webserver.

You MUST tick the box "Process" as this tells Cumulus to read the file and replace the webtags with data before uploading it to the web server.

Force Cumulus to do a Web Update, or wait on the next scheduled update. Now browse to the file on your site....example, http://www.mysite.com/data/awekas_wl.htm

If you see a file with values, and not webtags, you have successfully configured Cumulus. Now visit http://www.awekas.at, register for an account and as part of that process use the web address you have just tested when asked for the location of your file.

If all works, AWEKAS will soon start retrieving your data -- this can often take an hour or so to start.