The Alternative Interface (ai.cmx)

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An Alternative (additional) Interface

Following the release of the new default website for CumulusMX, an alternative interface pack is now available. It runs in tandem with the existing Interface and provides similar facilities. It's primary purpose at this stage is to make its style fit with the default website and provide the facility to change the colour theme used throughout the site. Some pages have had some cosmetic or layout changes and the menu has been condensed.

Here are some screenshots of the AI.

Note: Better screenshots will be provided shortly.

You can download the alternative theme using this link Alternative Interface for CumulusMX. It is also available on the Forum under CumulusMX ~ Alternative Interfaces.


Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract it somewhere other than your CumulusMX installation. This will avoid accidentally overwriting your existing Interface contents.

The Extracted package should consist of a single folder - ai.cmx, which can then be copied into the existing Interface folder so it shows as a sub-folder.

You are there ready to start using it. If you use the url: http://localhost:8998/ to run your normal interface, you can simply add the folder name to the end like so: http://localhost:8998/ai.cmx/.

Of course localhost can be replaced with the IP address of the machine running CumulusMX.

You still have access to the default interface if you want. It can also be run from the alternative interface - there is a menu item at the right end to do this.