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Documentation for MX

This category lists at the bottom of the page all the pages that refer to this category, therefore it is a useful entry point should you wish to explore all pages that are relevant to MX.

Cross reference to MX Basic info page

The page linked in the heading contains details like the library functions used by MX, and how the end of day process works.

Cross reference to pages on Comparing legacy original Cumulus with MX and How to migrate

If you are still using the original Cumulus software; the articles linked in the heading should help you decide whether to migrate to MX, and how to do it.

Cross-reference to What to do when I have a problem with MX

Although you may end up asking for advice on the Cumulus Support Forum, read the article linked in the heading first, as it will help you to provide the information that is needed for others to quickly help you.

Cross reference to page on Setting up Raspberry Pi using a pre-built Image for Cumulus

You may be tempted to install MX on a Raspberry Pi, operating in headless mode (instead of connecting a screen and keyboard to it, you do all access to the Pi from another computer on same network). The developer has made life easy for you by combining the Raspberry Pi Lite Operating System with a pre-installation copy of MX. Find out more about using this pre-built Raspberry Pi image file to create a basic headless server in the article linked in the heading.

Cross reference to page on Running MX on Linux for Cumulus

Whether you have been using Cumulus 1, or are new to Cumulus, you may be tempted to install MX on a Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi computer (and similar devices from other manufacturers) is much simpler than a normal computer, but it can still run various operating systems that allow you to use it perhaps for both running MX and a web server. Find out more in the article linked in the heading.

Cross reference to page on Running MX on Windows

Whether you have been using Cumulus 1, or are new to Cumulus, you may be tempted to install MX on a Windows PC, laptop, or similar computer

Cross reference to page on Updating MX to new version

Whether you have not updated for a long time, or simply wonder whether you are updating the easiest way, follow the link in the heading for this section, to an article that contains advice both for those updating each time there is a new release available and how to upgrade from an old version in a series of steps, skipping some in-between versions. So read the article linked in the section heading whether you are still using Steve Loft's beta version of MX or an old Mark Crossley release.

Cross reference to Cumulus MX FAQ

A new FAQ for MX has been started at another page. As I add the link here, the Cumulus MX FAQ is in a mess, but hopefully someone will have time to sort it out.

Cross reference to MX Issues

The Cumulus MX Known Issues article was based on Steve Loft's forum post so based on an early beta version of MX, and there has been minimal attempt to update the contents as MX has been developed further and come out of the original beta. Anyone willing to check the linked article and do a further update?

Cross reference to page on Administrative Interface

This requires a whole page to itself, reached from link in heading for this section.

Cross reference to the application programming interface (api) used by MX

The MX application programming local interface has been fully documented by the developer in this article.

There is also some older information here which explains how the api is used in the administrative interface.