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Cumulus Users is a list of sites powered by Cumulus.

Users are grouped by geographical region and by country.

Currently all users have been set to indicate no webcam present, but as they are checked this will be updated to indicate if they have not webcam, still pointing to the default Sanday webcam or if they point to their own/local webcam.

Users & Locations


South Africa

User Webcam Map
Fontainebleau, Johannesburg, Gauteng Nil [1]
Wellington Weather Nil [2]



User Webcam Map
Heulebrug Knokke-Heist weather station Nil [3]
Kampenhout Nil [4]
Mere, Oost-Vlaanderen Nil [5]

Czech Republic

User Webcam Map
Amut.NET Nil [6]
Bezdekov pod Tremsinem Nil [7]
Holice Nil [8]
Libáni (JO70OI) okres Jicín Nil [9]
Milevsko Nil [10]
Nezvìsticích Nil [11]
Plzeň - Radčice Nil [12]
Sudislav nad Orlicí Nil [13]


User Webcam Map
Caylus Météo Nil [14]
Rue des Myosotis à Lille Nil [15]
Site Perso de Manuel Nil [16]


User Webcam Map
Schwimmbad Hungen, Hessen Nil [17]
Wetter Oppenweiler - Baden-Würrtemberg Nil [18]


User Webcam Map
Agios Dimitrios - Athens Nil [19]
Alepochori - Megara Nil [20]
Argyroupoli - Athens Nil [21]
Chalandri - Athens Nil [22]
Chios weather Nil [23]
Dionysos - Athens Nil [24]
Gerakas Weather Station Nil [25]
Keratsini - Athens Nil [26]
Larisa Nil [27]
Marathonas - Athens Nil [28]
Metamorfosi - Athens Nil [29]
Nea Krini - Thesaloniki Nil [30]
Neapoli - Athens Nil [31]
Neo Psichiko - Athens Nil [32]
Nikaia - Perivolaki Nil [33]
Peristeri - Center, Athens Nil [34]
Peristeri-Center, Athens Nil [35]
Pireas Nil [36]


User Webcam Map
Alagiano, TA Nil [37]
Albizzate, VA Nil [38]
Isola del Liri, FR Nil [39]
Palagonia, CT Nil [40]
Reggello, FI Nil [41]

User Webcam Map

User Webcam Map

User Webcam Map

User Webcam Map

North America

User Webcam Map


User Webcam Map


User Webcam Map

South America

User Webcam Map

United Kingdom and Ireland

User Webcam Map

Further Additions

Your Twitter Username & Location can be added to this list by Contacting User:Daj or if you are a registered user, editing this page yourself. Note: The links to the location have the user latitude and longitude in them twice, once for centreing the map, the second time for the marker location. These are given in decimal degrees. +ve for Northern latitudes and Eastern longitudes, -ve for Southern latitudes and Western longitudes. Use the co-ordinates you have entered into your Cumulus Station configuration.