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Welcome to the Cumulus Wiki, the community Wiki is for sharing knowledge of the Cumulus Weather Station software. This Wiki was originated to document the (original) Cumulus software Steve Loft developed, and later modified to also cover other flavours (Cumulus 2 and MX beta) Steve Loft developed. Steve Loft deleted the material on Cumulus 2 when that was abandoned. The Wiki retains content for the legacy original Cumulus software that people still use.

This copy of the original Cumulus Wiki was cloned on 26-Oct-2018, just before Steve Loft ended his association with Cumulus, and all user credentials from the deleted original Wiki hosted by should be valid here. At that time, Steve's MX beta had limited functionality, and its documentation was sparse.

You do not need a userid to READ any of the content on this Wiki.

Brian Underdown (weather34) has allowed us to host his Home Weather Station template for Cumulus on the Wiki.

If you are new to Wiki's we suggest you spend a few minutes reading basic articles about this Wiki. Familiarise yourself with:

If you have any questions please raise them on either the Cumulus forum or Cumulus board at

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Cumulus MX (V.3)
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Legacy Cumulus (V.1)
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Please help

It's your Wiki......

We always welcome contributions from the Cumulus Community and if you feel you can contribute, please do. As a starting point, we suggest you read How to Edit.

Are you willing to help us rewrite this Wiki to document MX? How_you_can_contribute is used to track what others feel needs doing and you will see messages on various pages warning that they are out of date, and asking for your help to either update whole page, or just add/amend content under some headings.

MX has been evolving rapidly since Mark Crossley started leading development (with small contributions from others), so there is still lots to document.

In particular, can you help make it more friendly for those whose first encounter with Cumulus is a MX release? The first step has been done, rewriting this page to promote MX over the legacy Cumulus; but many other pages are still largely as they were created decades ago.

  • If you plan on CONTRIBUTING to the Wiki, then you will need a userid.
    • Please use the Request Account form to apply for a userid (you may have to wait some time for a response), or
    • If you already have a userid, then just Login here (link also available on top right of any page).

When requesting a Wiki account, it would be helpful if you can use the same user name as on the Cumulus forum (but use a different password!), it makes it easier for the admins to identify genuine account requests from spammers.