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As we are in the early stages of the Wiki, I thought we could make a list of Pages/Articles we would likes to see on the Wiki. Please feel free to add to the list. If you wish to work on a new page go into the discussion tab and add your name.

Much of the information could be taken from the help files (as a start) and also by working through the forum.

If you wish to participate but are unsure where to start, please contact SaratogaWX via his talk page and he can assist with a template/starting point or answer any specific questions.

We are currently looking for:

  • PHP and Javascript articles
There are some 3rd party functions described in the wiki and forum that are written in these languages, but very little comparable with existing articles on editing HTML and CSS.
A posting exists on the forum to gather more information for this page.
  • Web templates
Got a web template you can share with others?
Link it in with the page on Creating Templates Category:WebTips
  • Webcams used with Cumulus
A posting exists on the forum to gather some information for this page.
  • Articles about APRS, CWOP, Weather Underground,PWS, Weatherbug and WOW interfacing hints
  • Further incorporation of hints developed in the support forum (possibly into FAQ page)
  • Extra Sensors
These are covered in the Logs section, but can you add examples of a log file with such extra sensors?
  • Updates
Existing authors have tried to incorporate updates to various pages reflecting the current standard and beta builds of Cumulus, including changes to how you set various settings, but can you spot anywhere else where information is out of date?
Some parts of various pages have been misunderstood, and rewritten to be clearer, the style has evolved to include more heading structure as pages have grown, maybe you feel other pages need updating?