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Below is a list of devices which are confirmed to run with the current version of Cumulus.

If you are running a different model, please take a moment to update the page.

We also maintain a list of unsupported devices

Supported Devices

This list applies to the latest version of Cumulus MX. Only a limited subset of these devices will work with Cumulus 1 (marked with ^).

Davis Range

Oregon Scientific

  • WMR-928 ^
  • WMR-918 ^
  • WM-918 ^
  • WMR-968 ^
  • Equivalent rebadged Radio Shack stations (serial only) ^
  • WMR-88, WMR-100, WMR-180, WMRS200 and WMR-200 ^

see Extra_temperatures

Fine Offset

(MyDEL, Nevada, Watson, Tycon Power, Aercus, Fine Offset etc)

Use the "Fine Offset (WH1080)" setting in Cumulus for these:

  • W8681 (NOT the Watson W-8681-Pro and Pro II) ^
  • WH1080 ^
  • WH1080PC ^
  • WH1081 ^
  • WH1090 ^
  • WH1091 ^
  • National Geographic 265NC ^
  • PCE-FWS 20 ^
  • ELECSA 6975 ^
  • ClimeMET CM2000 ^
  • Maplin N96FY/N96GY ^
  • Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-2080 ^
  • WeatherEye WEA22 ^
  • Jaycar Digitech XC0348 (AU/NZ) ^
  • Tycon Power TP1080WC (USA) ^

Use the "Fine Offset with UV/Light sensor" setting ("Fine Offset with Solar Sensors" in MX) for these:

  • WH3080/WH3081/WH3083 ^
  • WS3080/WS3081/WS3083 ^
  • Other Fine Offset stations which have solar sensors (rather than just solar charging)

There are many other brands of station which are rebadged Fine Offset stations. In general, if the station is supplied with 'Easyweather' software, it is likely that the station will work with Cumulus.

Ecowitt or Froggit

Ecowitt (USA) and Froggit (Europe) are brand names for Fine Offset who are producing a new range of weather stations and sensors

It is possible the DP1500 was previously sold as DS1500, but this has not been verified.

These stations do not include any logger or display, they are sometimes described as a dongle powered by USB.

They act simply as a relay between the new range of sensors and various external servers/destinations. Cumulus MX can intercept and process the wifi transmissions, provided MX is left running all the time, and therefore can pick up every transmission.

They support 8 sensors measuring temperature (MX calls these the user temperatures), plus 4 air quality sensors which MX can log in extra sensor log file. MX can also read lightning sensor, and output time and distance via web tags.

La Crosse

  • WS-2300 range (all model numbers of the form 23xx) ^. Use of a USB/Serial adapter is not supported with these stations.

Note that I don't have access to a La Crosse station, and the PC interface on these stations is very poor. If you find that you don't get very good results using Cumulus with one of these, I'm afraid I probably won't be able to do anything about it.


Recent models of Instromet stations ^



Unsupported Devices

Specifically, the following do not work with Cumulus. This is not a definitive list but stations we have come across which are not supported.

  • La Crosse WS3650 and WS2800 (all model numbers in range WS36xx and WS28xx)
  • TFA-Sinus/TFA-Nexus/Honeywell/Irox/Cresta/Ventus WXR-815LM/TE924W/TN924W/W928 etc
  • AcuRite
  • Peet Bros
  • Rainwise
  • Davis Weather Monitor
  • Davis Weather Wizard
  • Davis Envoy8X
  • Ambient WS-1000 and WS-1001 WIFI
  • Oregon Scientific WMR89 and WMR300
  • Tycon Power TP2700WC
  • Oregon Scientific LW301
  • WS-1400-IP
  • WH2600
  • Watson W-8681-Pro and W-8681-Pro II

My station is unsupported - Can I use Cumulus?

If your station output can be changed into the EasyWeather_Format, then Cumulus can offer most of its functionality by reading the last line of that file each time.