Version 1.8.9

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Release Date: March 31, 2010

(This is the current version)

Fix List

  • Option to send either 'latest' or 'average' wind speed and bearing to Wunderground
  • Added web tag, realtime.txt item, and alarm for 'sensor contact lost' (Fine Offset Only)
  • Added web tags for current alarm states
  • Improved wind rose
  • Cater for VantagePro.DLL returning 'error' from logger for wind direction when calm
  • Allow second chance before assuming rain counter reset
  • Add <#snowdepth> web tag
  • Fix problem with CWOP temps below zero Fahrenheit
  • Add missing space between last two realtime.txt fields
  • Add <#txbattery> web tag (Davis only)
  • Change the way dayfile.txt is written
  • Fix 100% humidity CWOP bug
  • Correct WMR928 pressure readings for high altitudes
  • Add some diagnostics for ftp setup problems
  • Hide tx battery status from non-Davis users
  • Option to send solar radiation to CWOP/APRS
  • Fix diary problem caused by <#snowdepth> tag
  • Attempt to fix inter-thread message problem for Davis users
  • Fix problem with shortdateformat with month names (all-time record start date)
  • Attempt to fix another problem caused by <#snowdepth> tag
  • Altimeter Pressure now same as SL pressure for non-Davis
  • Add <#altimeterpressure> web tag
  • Fix heat index in realtime.txt when 'display humidex' option is set
  • Ensure humidex is never less than ambient temperature
  • Attempt to improve pressure graph scale for inHg
  • New ini-file option to set wind direction average period (AvgBearingMinutes in [Station] section)
  • Option to use 'speed' for 10-minute wind speed average calculation (see station settings)
  • Optional manual 'current conditions' box (see display settings) and web tag <#currcond>
  • Allow '48 hours' as a recognised setting for 'graph hours'
  • Initialise wind speed data from data logs for average calculations
  • Option of 8 or 16 compass positions for Wind Rose (see display settings)
  • Fix problem with shortdateformat with month names (timestamp in today.ini)
  • Add high (average) wind speed to dayfile.txt
  • Add 'currentconditions.txt' option for <#currcond> web tag
  • currentconditions.txt updates main display when tag is processed (and deletes file)
  • Installer now offers option of not installing web templates
  • Added alarms for temperature and pressure change (see help for new web tags)
  • Handle (by ignoring) errors from creation of moon bitmap - for 'normal' ftp
  • configurable time for average wind speed - AvgSpeedMinutes in cumulus.ini
  • Draws (optional) horizontal line at freezing point on temperature graphs
  • Added wind direction to Select-A-Graph
  • Attempt to work around Windows 7 date format problem
  • Change wording of <#tomorrowdaylength> web tag
  • Fix freezing point line appearing below the axis
  • Fix a problem with colours of wind direction graph
  • Change small wind direction graph to plot average
  • Add check for WS2300 'error' wind speed value in history data
  • Improve small pressure chart X-axis max/min for inHg
  • Remove work around for freezing point line off-graph (causes other problems)
  • Change single quote (minutes) in latitude and longitude web tags to '
  • Attempt to stop the sporadic crashes at close down
  • Add logging of all time record changes
  • Change all-time records file to an 'ini' file
  • Fix single quotes in lat/lon in existing settings
  • Fix a problem where rain total sometimes doesn't reset at start of day
  • Added 'please wait' box when closing, to make sure logging has finished
  • Set location of alltime.ini file explicitly, to avoid working directory problems
  • Truncate Twitter messages at 140 chars
  • make graphs window resizeable, so scroll bars appear when necessary