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The wxnow.txt file is created by Cumulus if you elect to generate and upload data to the APRS network. Beyond supplying your APRS ID and password within Cumulus, there is no need to modify the generated file. Below is the file format, simply for information. The file is created in your Cumulus program folder and is automatically uploaded by Cumulus. Is is replaced each time there is an upload.

APRS support was added in version 1.7.9 and refined in future revisions.

Sample File

This is a simply text file containing two lines of data.

Feb 01 2009 12:34

Format of the file

The first line is the time the file was created in local PC time.

The second line is the wx report, in the format used in APRS "complete weather reports". The format is:

  • 272 - wind direction - 272 degrees
  • 010 - wind speed - 10 mph
  • g006 - wind gust - 6 mph
  • t069 - temperature - 69 degrees F
  • r010 - rain in last hour in hundredths of an inch - 0.1 inches
  • p030 - rain in last 24 hours in hundredths of an inch - 0.3 inches
  • P020 - rain since midnight in hundredths of an inch - 0.2 inches
  • h61 - humidity 61% (00 = 100%)
  • b10150 - barometric pressure in tenths of a millibar - 1015.0 millibars