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Welcome to the Cumulus Wiki, this community Wiki is for sharing knowledge of the Cumulus Weather Station software. This Wiki was originated to document the (original) Cumulus (1) software Steve Loft developed. The vast majority of the original content used Steve's own words, and he was a key contributor. Other contributors reviewed what Steve said in answers in the support forum, and collated that material into pages in this Wiki, so Steve's knowledge could be shared more systematically. When Steve Loft developed other flavours, the content here also covered those. Steve Loft deleted the material on Cumulus 2 when that was abandoned, but the MX 3.0.0 beta documentation remains.

You do not need a userid to READ any of the content on this Wiki.

This copy of the original Cumulus Wiki was cloned on 26-Oct-2018, just before Steve Loft ended his association with Cumulus, and all user credentials from the deleted original Wiki hosted by should be valid here.

This Wiki retains content for the legacy original Cumulus software that people still use, although they are encouraged to Migrate from Cumulus 1 to the vastly different Cumulus MX developed by Mark Crossley (from Steve's original). Please see the bottom of this page for how you can contribute to this Wiki.

Brian Underdown (weather34) has allowed us to host his Home Weather Station template for Cumulus on the Wiki.

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  • Are you new to Cumulus MX? If so, you are the best possible person to know what newcomers need in this Wiki. You also know what you have discovered, and can document it to be useful for others.
  1. As a starting point, we suggest you read How to Edit,
    • that is full of hints on how to write Wiki pages,
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  3. MX has changed dramatically, therefore some of the early MX documentation has been deleted, and some pages make it clear that they apply to an earlier MX release.
  4. MX offers so much functionality, that nobody uses everything MX can do. Some pages use the {{Template:WorkInProgressBanner}} to indicate other contributors are needed to expand the current content
  • This Main Page (only administrators can update this page) has been rewritten, separating MX and legacy links, to provide a better way into a new set of category pages together with direct links to key pages
  • The new, and amended, "category" pages are now the entry points grouping the rest of the documentation in this Wiki, you can edit any of those.
  • The old Fine Offset stations have been documented in Category:StationSpecific, but there is no documentation for any Davis or Ecowitt devices, can you rectify this?
  • This Wiki documents the legacy Cumulus 1 in good detail due to many different contributors
  • Steve Loft, and Mark Crossley, (plus others), modified some legacy pages to also cover the original MX 3.0.0 beta, but that had very limited functionality (just a subset of that available in Cumulus 1) and only 2 new pages were added.
  • Most pages that are specific to legacy Cumulus 1 have been locked, to prevent editing for MX differences and to ensure they are preserved for those still using the legacy software (all pages relating to Cumulus 2 were removed by Steve Loft)
  • The MX of today, thanks to Mark Crossley leading development (with small contributions from others), is totally different from that early MX beta; do you use/understand any of the new functionality (not documented for legacy software) meaning you can document it for those new to that functionality?

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