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Welcome to the Cumulus Wiki.

This copy of the original Cumulus Wiki was cloned on 26-Oct-2018 and all user credentials from the original Wiki should be valid here.

You do not need a userid to READ any of the content on this Wiki. If you plan on CONTRIBUTING to the Wiki, then you will need a userid. Please use the Request Account form to apply for a userid, or if you have a userid, then just Login.

Note: The Cumulus Forum moved to a new host on 04-Nov-2018. The forum is now at

We've added download links for Cumulus V1 and Cumulus MX in the new Software/Downloads page and Steve has also released the source for Cumulus MX.
Mark Crossley has assumed the developer role for Cumulus MX with his latest version/link to source in the Software/Downloads page.
Brian Underdown (weather34) has allowed us to host his Home Weather Station template for Cumulus on the Wiki.

Through this community Wiki we aim to share our knowledge of the Cumulus Weather Station software.

If you are new to Wiki's we suggest you spend a few minutes reading a brief introduction on how to use the Wiki. Firstly familiarise yourself with the layout and then how to read and search the Wiki.

If you have any questions please raise them on the Cumulus forum or Cumulus board at

It's your Wiki......

We always welcome contributions from the Cumulus Community. As a starting point we suggest you read Pages to Be Written which is a list of suggested articles and if you feel you can contribute, please do. Rather than write a complete page you could simply wish to update an existing one.

When requesting a Wiki account, it would be helpful if you can use the same user name as on the Cumulus forum (but use a different password!), it makes it easier for the admins to identify genuine account requests from spammers.