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CumulusUtils provides a possibility to display the NOAA reports generated by CumulusMX by choosing year and month from a menu. The current month in the current year is where the display starts. This module assumes only the CumulusMX default settings for the filenames are valid.


This module is included in the website. When needed as a single output the following command is given:

   utils/bin/cumulusutils.exe NOAA


The output is a file named noaa.txt

Inifile parameters


Inner working

Through the menu the year and month is selected and from those values the report filename is constructed and displayed. If StartInCurrentMonth is true the month report of the current month is displayed otherwise the year report of the current year is shown. The colours and the formatting of the reports is taken from a beteljuice formatting which wondered around somewhere. The colours can be changed.

The directory where the reports can be found must be the directory where CumulusMX stores the reports. Because CumulusUtils can be in a totally different location than e.g. the main website of the user, the NOAA report location has to be specified explicitly in the inifile parameter FTPDirectory of the NOAA section.