Supported Devices

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Below is a list of devices which are confirmed to run with the current version of Cumulus.

If you are running a different model, please take a moment to update the page.

We also maintain a list of unsupported devices

Supported Devices

Davis Range

  • Vantage Pro
  • Vantage Pro 2

Oregon Scientific

  • WMR-928
  • WMR-918
  • WM-918
  • WMR-968

Fine Offset/Watson

(MyDEL, Nevada, Watson, Fine Offset)

  • W8681
  • WH1080
  • WH1080PC
  • WH1081

La Crosse

  • WS-2300 range

Unsupported Devices

Specifically, the following do not work with Cumulus. This is not a definitive list but notes models you would assume work but do not after testing.

  • La Crosse WS3650