CumulusMX and Cumulus1 UI style Multilingual Websites

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CumulusMX and Cumulus1 UI style Multilingual Websites default=( Working sites may be viewed at and https://silveracorn/cumulus1/

This website template is based on the look and feel of the internal User Interface website incorporated into CumulusMX. It is completely different from the included Cumulus1 style website in the cumulusMX/web and cumulusMX/webfiles folders. This website template also includes additional modules that are not part of CumulusMX.

It uses HTML5 / UTF-8, PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, and jQuery to provide an improved end user experience when compared to the C1 style website.

There are extensive help files included.

There are two versions

One for Cumulus MX
One for Cumulus1

Many of the files are the same. The main difference is the graphs - Charts for MX and Trends for C1