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In case of problems there exists a Cumulusutils logfile where you can check for yourself or ask on the forum for help with the log file as attachment.


Logging requires no special commands or operation. For the configuration, see the Inifile parameters.


All logfiles are to be found in the directory utils/utilslog/ - which is automatically created if it does not exist - and they will have the name like: yyMMddHHmmcumulusutils.log which sorts easily alphabetically. That would be e.g. 2005271332cumulusutils.log.

This gives the possibility to run CumulusUtils many times per day and if you find a problem later in one of the major runs at midnight, you still have that log. Logs will be kept for 2 days, giving you enough time to save the log you want to save.

For the FTP uploads there is a logfile named: yyMMddHHmmFTPlog.txt. Activation of the FTP logging can be switched on or off (the standard logging cannot).

Inifile parameters

Errorlogging is governed by the following parameters:

 Section [General]
 NormalMessageToConsole= true | false                   (default: true)
 TraceInfoLevel= Error | Warning | Info | Verbose       (default: Info)
 Section [FTP site]
 FtpLog=off                                             (default: off)