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// English
    canvasnosupport : "No HTML5 Canvas support in your browser... Sorry...<br>" +
                      "Try upgrading your browser to a more recent version - nearly all browsers support Canvas now, even IE9!<br><br>" +
                      "Redirecting you to an 'old' gauges page...",
    led_title : "Remote sensor status unkonwn",
    led_title_ok : "Remote sensor OK",
    led_title_lost : "Remote sensor contact lost!",
    led_title_unknown : "Remote sensor status unknown!",
    led_title_offline: "The weather station is currently offline.",
    weather   : "weather",
    latitude  : "Latitude",
    longitude : "Longitude",
    elevation : "Elevation",
    statusStr : "Loading...",
    StatusMsg : "Downloading...",
    StatusHttp : "HTTP Request Failed",
    StatusRetry : "Retrying...",
    StatusRetryIn : "Retry in...",
    StatusTimeout : "Timed out",
    StatusPageLimit : "Page auto-update limit reached, click the status LED to continue",
    StatusLastUpdate : "Last update",
    StatusMinsAgo : "minutes ago",
    StatusHoursAgo : "hours ago",
    StatusDaysAgo : "days ago",
    realtimeCorrupt : "Text file download corrupted! Retrying...",
    timer : "seconds",
    at : "at",
    // MAXIMUM number of characters that can be used for the 'title' variables (such as 'LANG_EN.temp_title_out')
    //        11 characters  ===="12345678901"====  11 characters
    temp_title_out : "Temperature",
    temp_title_in : "Inside Temp",
    temp_out_info : "Outside Temperature",
    temp_out_web : "Outside",
    temp_in_info : "Inside Temperature",
    temp_in_web : "Inside",
    temp_trend_info : "Temperature Trend",
    dew_title : "Dew Point",
    dew_info : "Dew Point",
    dew_web : "Dew Point",
    apptemp_title : "Apparent",
    apptemp_info : "Apparent (Feels-Like) Temperature",
    apptemp_web : "Apparent",
    chill_title : "Wind Chill",
    chill_info : "Wind Chill",
    chill_web : "Wind Chill",
    heat_title : "Heat Index",
    heat_info : "Heat Index",
    heat_web : "Heat Index",
    humdx_title : "Humidex",
    humdx_info : "Humidex",
    humdx_web : "Humidex",
    rain_title : "Rainfall",
    rrate_title : "Rain Rate",
    rrate_info : "Rain Rate",
    LastRain_info : "Last Rain",
    LastRainedT_info : "Today at",
    LastRainedY_info : "Yesterday at",
    hum_title_out : "Humidity",
    hum_title_in : "Inside Hum",
    hum_out_info : "Outside Humidity",
    hum_in_info : "Inside Humidity",
    hum_out_web : "Outside",
    hum_in_web : "Inside",
    baro_title : "Pressure",
    baro_info : "Barometric Pressure",
    baro_trend_info : "Pressure Trend",
    wind_title : "Wind Speed",
    tenminavg_title : "Average Wind Speed",
    tenminavgwind_info : "Average wind speed (10 min)",
    maxavgwind_info : "Maximum average wind speed",
    tenmingust_info : "Gust (10 min)",
    maxgust_info : "Maximum gust",
    latest_title : "Latest Wind",
    latestwind_info : "Latest Wind Speed",
    bearing_info : "Bearing",
    latest_web : "Latest",
    tenminavg_web : "Average",
    dominant_bearing : "Dominant wind today",
    calm: "calm",
    windrose: "Wind Rose",
    windruntoday: "Wind run today",
    uv_title : "UV Index",
    uv_levels : ["None",
                 "No danger",
                 "Moderate risk",
                 "High risk",
                 "Very high risk",
                 "Extreme risk"],
    uv_headlines : ["No measurable UV Index",
                    "No danger to the average person",
                    "Moderate risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure",
                    "High risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure",
                    "Very high risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure",
                    "Extreme risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure"],
    uv_details : ["It is still night time or it is a very cloudy day.",

                 "Wear sunglasses on bright days; use sunscreen if there is snow on the ground,<br>" +
                 "which reflects UV radiation, or if you have particularly fair skin.",

                 "Wear sunglasses and use SPF 30+ sunscreen, cover the body with clothing and<br>" +
                 "a hat, and seek shade around midday when the sun is most intense.",

                 "Wear sunglasses and use SPF 30+ sunscreen, cover the body with sun protective<br>" +
                 "clothing and a wide-brim hat, and reduce time in the sun from two hours before<br>" +
                 "to three hours after solar noon (roughly 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM during summer in<br>" +
                 "zones that observe daylight saving time).",

                 "Wear SPF 30+ sunscreen, a shirt, sunglasses, and a hat.<br>" +
                 "Do not stay out in the sun for too long.",

                 "Take all precautions, including: wear sunglasses and use SPF 30+ sunscreen,<br>" +
                 "cover the body with a long-sleeve shirt and trousers, wear a very broad hat, and<br>" +
                 "avoid the sun from two hours before to three hours after solar noon (roughly 11:00 AM<br>" +
                 "to 4:00 PM during summer in zones that observe daylight saving time)."],
    solar_title : "Solar Radiation",
    solar_currentMax : "Current theoretical maximum reading",
    solar_ofMax : "of maximum",
    solar_maxToday : "Today's maximum reading",
    lowest_info : "Lowest",
    highest_info : "Highest",
    lowestF_info : "Lowest",     // for proper translation of feminine words
    highestF_info : "Highest",    // for proper translation of feminine words
    RisingVeryRapidly : "Rising very rapidly",
    RisingQuickly : "Rising quickly",
    Rising : "Rising",
    RisingSlowly : "Rising slowly",
    Steady : "Steady",
    FallingSlowly : "Falling slowly",
    Falling : "Falling",
    FallingQuickly : "Falling quickly",
    FallingVeryRapidly : "Falling very rapidly",
    maximum_info : "Maximum",
    max_hour_info : "Max per hour",
    minimum_info : "Minimum",
    coords : ["N", "NNE", "NE", "ENE", "E", "ESE", "SE", "SSE", "S", "SSW", "SW", "WSW", "W", "WNW", "NW", "NNW"],
    compass : ["N", "NE", "E", "SE", "S", "SW", "W", "NW"],
    months : ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"]