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SteelSeries Version history

You can download the latest version from here.


  • gaugues.js
    • Fix conversion of Indoor Temp Todays Low between C & F


  • gauges.js
    • Fix temperature gauge, 2.7.0 caused the min/max indicators to be shown erroneously


  • gauges.js
    • Add indoor min/max for weather s/ware that supports it. Currently Weather Display, WeeWX, and Weather Cat
  • customclientrawlocal
    • Fixes error in 2.6.5 release
    • Adds indoor min/max data
  • gauge-data.txt.tmpl
    • Adds indoor min/max data
  • realtimegaugesWC.txt
    • Adds indoor min/max data


  • customclientrawlocal.txt
    • Fix time of min. wind chill


Updated to be more http/https friendly Uplifts JQuery version to 3.2.1 from obsolete 1.11

  • gauges.js
  • gauges-ss-basic-inc.php
  • gauges-ss-basic.htm



  • gauges.js
  • gauges-ss-basic-inc.php
  • gauges-ss-basic.htm
    • Added rel="noopener" to progam html links


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Solar gauge: Fixed the "over theoretical" sector not displaying correctly above the default gauge max scale value.
    • Solar gauge: Added sector to indicate 'sun is shining'.
    • Wind gauge: Added animation to rescaling.
    • UV gauge: Added rescaling back to default and animation.
    • Rain gauge: Added rescaling back to default.


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed the odometer label colour not changing with the background colour.


  • Updated gauges.js
    • ∗Really∗ fixed scaling issues with rain gauge ;)
    • Added support for Weather Link/ as a data source [Note requires a Saratoga template module]
    • Added title to Windrose odometer
  • Updated language.js/language.min.js
    • Added strings for mile, km, n_mile (nautical mile), used for WindRose odometer title


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Added tweak to rain gauge to fix constant redraws due to maxValue/maxScale mismatch when using default niceScale.


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Added CS tweak for WD users who normally use wxgraphs for the popup images, changes aspect ratio.
    • Now obeys the various default scale ranges in gaugeGlobals.[gauge]ScaleDef[Min|Max][unit] settings


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Added new config item "showWindMetar" to enable the METAR substring for wind on the direction gauge,
     the default is now disabled (was enabled). Previously you could only disable it by not showing any
     wind variation on the gauge.


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Minor code style/format changes
    • Fixed the display of todays high/low decimal places the singleBaro.update() function
    • Fixed an issue with the Ajax timeout error handling
    • Amended the hPa to inchesHg conversion to use 3 decimals for inches
    • Amended the popup tooltip positioning and sizing to try and keep it on-screen better on tiny displays
    • Added config.roundCloudbaseVal to enable/disable cloud base rounding for display
  • Updated gauges-ssT.htm, index.html.tmpl, gauges-ssT.htx, steelseriesVWSjson.php
    • Fixed the demo HTML templates to use double quotes for element ids
  • Updated steelseriesVWSjson.php
    • Added no cache header
    • Cosmetic changes
  • Updated gauge-data.txt.tmpl (Changes via pull request 3 from gjr80)
    • humidex calc now (correctly) uses dewpoint in degree K
    • removed redunant code in humidex and apptemp calcs
  • Updated language.js language.min.js
    • Minor change to Norwegian 'meters' -> 'meter'


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Removed deprecated RegExp.$1, and .selector code, plus other changes around the popups to make them compatible with JQuery 3.0


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Reversed style change which named all functions. Back to anonymous functions.


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Switched to using ESLINT and some stylistic changes to code and layout
    • Fix to Cloudbase autoscaling


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Auto-disable wind variantion for MeteoBridge users
    • Uplift weewx data template version to 13
  • Updated gauge-data.txt.tmpl
    • Now uses non-localised units for more robust data conversions
    • Corrected dew point calculation
    • Improved rain in mm calculation


  • Updated gauge-data.txt.tmpl
    • Fixes some data issues for WeeWx users


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Improved rainrate and rainfall coloured sections for imperial units, they are now calculated from the metric units
  • Updated the SteelSeries library (steelseries.js, steelseries.min.js, steelseries_tween.min.
    • Updated from version 0.14.13 to 0.14.16


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Applied fix for WView (lack of cloudbase unit)
  • Updated customclientraw.txtx (for WView)
    • Added cloudbase value/unit, incremented version to 11


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Applied fix 2.5.7 to the temperature gauge as well, doh!
    • Fixed HTTP GET timeout errors when using long polling with real time intervals >= 30 seconds
    • Fixed broken code that prevented the page timing out when a valid password was supplied to the 'pageUpdate' URL parameter


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fix to the dewpoint gauge, now handles invalid values for today's hi/lo's more sensibly


  • Updated language.js/language.min.js
    • Improved/added missing German translation from wurzelmac


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed UTF-8 corruption of °C & °F introduced in 2.5.4
    • Changed WeatherCat cloudbase graph from pressure1.jpg to cloudbase1.jpg
    • Added gaugeGlobal values for the direction gauge average pointer type and colour


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Internal changes to support Cumulus MX dashboard
    • More error checking added for missing gauges on HTML page, it will now tolerate the removal of the timer, status display etc.
    • Enables the cloudbase gauge for WeatherCat - Must be running WC version 2.10 or later
  • Updated realtimegaugesWC.txt, added cloudbase


  • Updated steelseries.js/steelseries.min.js/steelseries_tween.min.js
    • Moved to version 0.14.13 - Bug fixes affecting the wind direction gauge
    • Note the script and page will still display the version as 2.5.2


  • Updated gauges.js to fix language switch in Saratoga SS gauge template file.
    • Also requires a change to the Saratoga template file, the initial call to changeLang() needs to be changed to:
     print "<script type=\"text/javascript\">
       $(document).ready(function () {
         changeLang(LANG.$toLang);  // change SteelSeries language\n


  • Updated WD customclientrawlocal.txt to fix cloudbasevalue key, now version 12.
  • Updated WeeWX gauge-data.txt.tmpl to fix cloudbasevalue key, now version 12.
  • Updated gauges.js to mandate WD & WeeWX JSON version 12 files.


  • Adds support for WView
    • New files: gauges-ss-basic.htx, customclientraw.txtx,
  • Adds support for WeeWX
    • New files: index.htm.tmpl, skin.conf, gauge-data.txt.tmpl
  • Rearranged the archive file to make it bit easier to understand
    • New folder "web_server", contains all the files for uploading to your web server
    • New folder "weather_server", sub-folders contain the files to be processed by the respective weather package.
  • Added option for 'long polling'
    • For people with PHP driven web sites, this downloads the data file each time it is updated on the web server rather than at a fixed polling interval.
    • Currently only works with a realtimegauges.txt file
    • Experimental versions available for Cumulus, and Saratoga templates using PHP variables.
  • Updated gauges.js
    • Added optional cloud base gauge.
    • Fixed a typo that was preventing the humidity graph updating (no cache defeat).
    • Added optional 'wind rose' data to the wind direction gauge (enabled by default).
    • Added optional 'sun shining' LED to solar gauge (enabled by default).
    • Implemented the missing code for the rain/rainrate gauge default maximum values
    • Fixed windspeed default unit radio button behaviour
    • Added indoor humidity lo/hi for WeatherCat, Weather Display, VWS
    • Moved Wind Rose code from separate windrose.js file into the main gauges.js file.
    • Changed all the gauge updates to be event driven.
      • A one second timer tick event:- 'gauges.clockTick'
      • An Ajax data update event:- 'gauges.dataUpdated'
      • A graphs need refresh event:- 'gauges.graphUpdate'
        • You could make use of these events outside the gauge code to update other page elements.
    • Reorganised code to keep 'most' of a single gauges logic within the gauge singleton definition.
    • Added option to not display the graphs in the pop-ups when running on a phone.
  • Updated language.js/language.min.js
    • Added cloud base gauge strings.
    • Added Czech translation
  • Updated realtime JSON files to include cloud base and indoor humidity lo/hi
    • Cmumulus: realtimegaugesT.txt, version 12.
    • Weather Display: customclientraw.txt, version 11.
    • VWS: steelseriesVWSjson.php, version 1.04/11.
  • Updated HTML to include cloud base gauge and UoM selection, update to JQuery library version 1.10.2
    • gauges-ss-basic.htm
    • gauges-ssT.htm
    • gauge-ss-basic-inc.php
  • Removed windrose.js file from package
  • Updated gauges.css
    • Minor sytling updates
  • Updated steelseries.js/steelseries.min.js/steelseries_tween.min.js
    • Moved to version 0.14.12
  • Added a realtimeGaugesTMX.txt file for the new Cumulus MX program.
  • Source for the scripts and download package moved to GitHub


[Download here]

  • Updated language.js/language.min.js
    • Added missing Swedish translation strings.
  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed rainfall rate gauge starting from zero at each refresh for high rate values.


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Changed UV level thresholds from integer boundaries to 1 dp rounded boundaries. UVI is normally quoted as a rounded integer value, so if we are displaying decimals we should use n.5 as the transition.
    • Added missing unit conversion for today's maximum hourly rain rate.
  • Updated language.js/language.min.js
    • Changed English UV "Little Risk" wording to "Moderate Risk" to fall in-line with many recommended wordings. Other translations need looking at.


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed rain gauge autoscaling between 0.5 and 1.0 when using Inches


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed rain rate gauge autoscaling between 0.5 and 1.0 when using Inches


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Added global gauge option fullScaleDeflectionTime to control pointer 'speed'
    • Changed the UV gauge to use new gradient scale colours by default
    • Added Today's High value to the UV gauge
    • Changed rain gauge to always use blue LEDs - line 653
    • Fixed the 0.5" rain gauge code introduced in version 2.3.1
    • Applied fix for VWS not supplying the correct value for max rain rate today
  • Updated the realtime JSON files to include today's high UV value
    • Cumulus - realtimegaugesT.txt - v11
    • Weather Display - customeclientrawlocal.txt - v10
    • Weather Cat - realtimegaugesWC.txt - v12
    • Meteobridge - see Ken True's web site for updated script - v10


[Download here]

  • Only WeatherCat users need to update from v2.3.1 unless you want the additional Portuguese translation.
  • WeatherCat version 1.2 or later is required to run this update.
  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed handling of current theoretical solar radiation in doSolar() for WC users
    • Made realtimegauges JSON file weather program dependent so updates to the JSON file for one program can be made independently of the others
  • Updated realtimegaugesWC.txt
    • Added tag value for CurrentSolarMax to replace "N/A"
    • Version uplifted to 11
  • Updated language.js/language.min.js
    • Added Portuguese translation by 'Werk_AG'


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed wind direction variablity calculation to cope with full 360 direction changes in the last 10 minutes
    • Change wind direction METAR variablity speed threshold from USA based 6kts to European 3kts (line 1783 if you want to change it back)
    • Added full wind data to the METAR string
    • Fixed the solar gauge, todays max indicator being shown with programs that do not supply this value
    • Added missing code to refresh the solar graph periodically
    • Added fix for WeatherCat not providing current theoretical solar max value
    • Added new user configurable options for the rain and rain-rate gauges default max scale values
    • Reset the inch rain and rain-rate gauges default max scale value from 1.0 to 0.5 inches, and when the max scale is less than 1.0in, use two decimal places on the gauge scale figures
  • Updated gauges-ss-basic.htm
    • Fixed two HTML5 errors
  • Updated realtimegaugesT.txt (ver 10) (Cumulus)
    • Added missing today's solar max value
  • Updated realtimegaugesWC.txt (ver 10) (WeatherCat)
    • Moved todays max value from current theoretical max to todays max
  • Updated src/steelseries.js
    • New library version v0.14.3 - Fixes script exception/crash in Firefox v21+
    • Also updated src/steelseries.min.js & steelseries_tween.min.js
  • Removed jquery-1.8.2.min.js from the distribution


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Added support for Meteobridge.
  • Updated windrose.js
    • Fixed 'blurry' appearance of the rose plot at some gauge sizes.


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed bug in handling WeatherCat wind speeds in Knots
  • Updated steelseries.js, steelseries.min.js, steelseries_tween.min.js
    • Now up to SS v0.14.0 (adds support for user LED's)
  • Updated windrose.js
    • Minor tweaks


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed mph & knots wind unit handling for WeatherCat users only
  • Updated languages.js
    • Nederlands strings updated


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges-ssT.htm
    • Fixed typo in <span id="lang_longtitude"> --> <span id="lang_longitude">
  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed automatic gauge resizing on 'mobile' devices.


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Added support for WeatherCat
    • Changed gauge shadow default to 30% black, and added gauge.shadowColour parameter
    • All gauges now take their size from the HTML/CSS, this means they can easily be indiviually resized
    • Moved solarGaugeScaleMax from 'config' to 'gauge' where it more logically belongs with the other scale values
  • Updated gauges-ss.css
    • Added classes gaugeSizeSml, gaugeSizeStd, gaugeSizeLrg
  • Updated windrose.js
    • Now picks up gauge shadow colour from gauges.gauge.shadowColour
    • Gauge shadow code now picked up from gauges.js
    • Internal renaming of variables from radar to rose
  • Added file gauges-ss-basic-inc.php
    • Provides a page to integrate with Ken True's popular Saratoga web site templates
  • Update gauges-ssT.htm, gauges-ss-basic.htm, gauges-ss-basic-inc.php
    • All gauge sizes (width/height) now replaced with class="gaugeSizeStd"
    • Amended the status LCD panel and timer LCD panel sizes to match sizes previously set in the gauges.js script
    • Changed rose script from RGraph.radar.min.js to RGraph.radar.min.js
  • Updated steelseries.js, steelseries.min.js, steelseries_tween.min.js
    • Now up to SS v 0.13.0
  • Removed RGraph.radar.js/Rgraph.radar.min.js
    • Added RGraph.rose.js/RGraph.rose.min.js


[Download here]

  • Updated windrose.js
    • Made the compass point symbols slightly larger and darker.
    • Fixed problems with the odometer positioning on some pages.
  • Updated language.js/language.min.js
    • Completed Greek, Finnish, & Norwegan translations.
    • Updated Spanish & Catalan translations.
  • Renamed the combined steelseries & tween file from "steelseries.min.js" to "steelseries_tween.min.js"
    • No functional changes
  • Updated gauges-ssT.htm & gauges-ss-basic.htm
    • To pick up renamed steelseries_tween.min.js file
    • No functional changes
  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed wind run display units handling when source data is non-metric and the browser does not have a cookie set.
    • Added in 'missing' code to make the LED flash red when the page timeout occurs.


[Download here]

  • New file gauges-ss-basic.htm
    • This is a minimal html page to display the gauges, suitable for including in an existing page via an <iframe> tag, or including in PHP scripts.
  • Updated gauges.js
    • Made the Wind rose enabled by default.
    • Added option to disable the Wind Run odometer on the Wind Rose.
    • Changes to support Wind Run odometer.
    • Added support for VWS.
  • Updated windrose.js
    • Changes to support the Wind Run odometer.
  • Updated gauges.css
    • Changes to support the Wind Run odometer.
  • Updated gauges-ssT.htm
    • Windrose radar scripts are now enabled by default
  • Updated realtimegaugesT.txt & customclientrawlocal.txt
    • Added "windrun" = wind run today - for odometer
  • Updated languages.js/languages.min.js
    • Added - windruntoday: "Wind run today" - translations required please!
  • New file steelseriesVWSjson.php
    • Generates the JSON data for VWS users
  • Removed file weatherstyle.css
    • This is used by the Cumulus template(gauges-ssT.htm) and was only included for WD users, Cumulus users would already have this file. I expect WD & VWS users to use the gauges-ss-basic.htm which does not use this style sheet.


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed check/redirect for browsers not supporting canvas, this had been broken by the 2.0 changes.
  • Updated steelseries.min.js
    • Now version 0.12.1 - fixes with WindDir gauge when setting average value=360, implements configurable time for full scale pointer deflection.
  • Renamed gauges-ssT.html to gauges-ssT.htm to match the rest of the Cumulus template files


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Internal structural change to the LED handling
    • Removes RGraph attribution from HTML if the Wind Rose is not used
    • Added onClick event to the status LED to restart page updates after a timeout
    • Added gauge drop shadows
  • Updated gauges-ssT.html
    • Changed default canvas size from 251 to match the 'scripted' size of 221
    • Added RGraph attribution (required by licencing terms)
  • Updated steelseries.js (and .min)
    • Latest 0.12.0 build from Github
  • Updated windrose.js
    • Fixed display issues on resizing by resizing rose canvas object on the main page
    • Added gauge drop shadows
  • Updated language.js
    • French translation now complete, thanks Jacques
    • Change page timeout text to read ' status LED to restart' instead of '...refresh browser'
  • Updated gauges-ss.css
    • Added some elements from weatherstyle.css to reduce dependency on weatherstyle.css


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed WD problems when using windspeed units of km/h
    • Changed barometer scale to use 1 decimal place on the kPa scale
  • Updated gauges-ss.css
    • Added 'content' class definitions


[Download here]

  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed syntax error that only affected WD users


  • Much of the code rewritten and/or reformatted
    • Most things now contained in a 'gauges' object to avoid polluting the global namespace with numerous variables etc.
    • Load orders changed to speed up initial page load/display
  • Updated gauges.js
    • Added (optional) cookie handling to preserve end user unit preferences across sessions
    • Added variables to set the default min/max values for gauges
    • Changed the temperature gauge scaling logic so both gauges always use the same range (except for the indoor temperature)
    • Default units are now 'metric': °C, mm, hPa, km/h
    • Fixed bug in getord() routine
    • Added config.dewDisplayType setting to control initial 'dew' gauge display
    • Added smaller gauge size option for 'mobile' devices
    • Added ability to select the display units:

Temp: °C, °F
Rain: mm, inch
Wind: km/h, m/s, mph, knots
Baro: hPa, mb, inHg, kPa

  • Updated Language handling, all languages now use a single (English by default) template HTML file, calling changeLang(LANG.newLanguage) now updates the HTML as well as the gauges.
  • Updated realtimeGaugesT.txt & customclientrawlocal.txt
    • Added today's dominant wind direction
  • Added Danish, Norwegian, and Italian translations
  • Changed gauges-ssT.html to use <div>'s for the layout rather than tables.
  • Removed ddimgtooltip.css - now incorporated into gauges-ss.css
  • Removed ddimgtooltip.js - now incorporated into gauges.js
  • Removed tween.min.js - now incorporated into steelseries.min.js
  • Updated realtimeGaugesT.txt and ccrT.txt files to ver8
    • added dominant wind direction
  • Updated steelseries.js
    • Updated to v0.11.14
  • Added optional Wind Rose 'gauge'. The Wind Rose is not enabled by default, and the scripts will not downloaded by the page. This change adds the following scripts
    • windrose.js
    • RGraph.common.core.min.js
    • RGraph.radar.min.js


  • Updated languages.js
    • Added Danish translation - thanks Henrik - but no template HTML file
    • Added Finnish translation - thanks Timo
  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed the humidty graph being downloaded every realtime update.
  • Added gauges-ssT-fi.htm
    • Finnish translation


  • Updated gauges.js
    • Fixed last rain date calculation
    • Added g_weatherProgram variable to indentify Cumulus or Weather Display
    • Added g_tipImgs array for WD using wxgraphs
    • Fixed temperature gauge not displaying temperature range colour sections on range change.
    • Fixed WD baro pressure trend - WD is supplying a 3 hour value, so needed to be divided by 3.
    • Added localisation of baro trend text
    • Added extended temperature trend strings "slowly/quickly/rapidly"
    • Added support for kPa pressure units
    • Change default gauge scale number orientation to horizontal
    • Changed WindDir gauge labels to NOT be coloured by default: drawDir() -> "useColorLabels : false"
  • Updated realtimeGaugesT.txt
    • Removed pressure trend text - localised string now derived from trend value
  • Updated customclientrawlocal.txt
    • Removed pressure trend text - localised string now derived from trend value
    • Changed forecast tag to use the Davis VP forecast by default
    • Changed todays max gust direction to use the new tag %maxgstdirectiondegree%
  • Updated language.js
    • Added additional strings for barometer/temperature trends
    • Fixed some NL translations
  • Updated steelseries.js (& .min)
    • Updated to v0.11.1
    • WindDirection, added initialisation parameter 'useColorLabels', default = false
  • General
    • Removed any extraneous BOM characters for UTF-8 encoded files (.html .js .css)


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Fixed temperature gauges (out & dew) not displaying the min/max shaded area


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Fixed wind max. avg. speed
     - Added g_showPopupDataGraphs variable to switch off graphs from the popup data
     - Added different graph image options for each gauge option (dew point, apparent,
       etc., out and in humidity)
   * Updated language.js
     - Dutch translations now complete
   * Updated ddimagestooltip.js (and min)
     - Removed explicit graph file names, now they are only specified in gauges.js


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Fixed max gust today indicator on wind gauge
     - Fixed baro look-n-feel for 'mb' stations
     - Fixed Solar gauge area drawing when value > theoretical
     - Changed Cumulus 'in' pressure units to 'inHg'
     - Change UV readings to recognise level 0 as unique
     - Added back links to Cumulus/Weather Display websites
   * Updated languages.js
     - French translations now complete
     - Added additional UV level 0 text


   * Updated realtimegaugesT.txt
     - fixed typo for SolarRad


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Made the script more friendly for Weather Display. It now parses all numeric values before
       use and strips out non-numeric data such as units etc.
     - Added support for optional Solar Radiation Gauge
     - Moved changeLang() function to language.js
   * Added customclientrawlocal.txt
     - This is the Weather Display equivalent of realtimegaugesT.txt
   * Updated realtimegaugesT.txt
     - Removed temptrendtext
     - Added Solar values
     - Updated version to 6
   * Updated languages.js
     - Added strings for rising/falling/steady, these will now appear localised on the pop-up data rather
       than in the station language
     - Added strings for Solar gauge
     - Added changeLang() function
   * Updated gauges-ssT.htm (and variants)
     - Made them more program agnostic
     - Added Solar Rad. gauge
   * Updated ddimgtooltip.js
     - Added support for Solar gauge
   * Updated steelseries.js
     - Made WindDirection LCD label colours match the pointer colours


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Added WindDirection LCD titles to the changeLang() function
     - Increased default page timeout from 10 to 20 minutes
   * Updated steelseries.js
     - Now version 0.10.2; adds the setLcdTitleStrings() method to the WindDirection gauge


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Setting g_pageUpdateLimit = 0 disables the page update time limits
     - Removed the old redundant no HTML5 support code


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Fixes script 'hangs' when the realtimegauges.txt file is zero length (e.g. when it is being
       updated on the server during the download), and retry after 2 seconds.
     - Added a page timeout counter, this stops page updates after a specfied time - default 10 minutes
       You can over ride this with a parameter and password in the URL (default = 'its-me'), for example:
     - Fixed the browser redirect on no HTML5 Canvas support, it has been broken for a few releases.
   * Updated language.js
     - Added page timeout string
     - Restructured to reduce size a little
     - Removed canvas features not supported string
   * Updated gauges-ssT.htm
     - Added 'no script' message
   * Updated this ReadMe.txt with information about browser redirects for script disabled


  * Updated SteelSeries library
    - v0.9.17 - fixes sector/area drawing issues with Chrome Dev release 19
  * Updated gauges-ss.css
    - Added references to external ttf, svg, and eot font files for backward compatibility with browsers
      that do not support the woff font embedded in the css file.
    - Changed gauge table style so it is centered horizontally on page.
  * Updated gauges-ssT.htm (+ all translations)
    - Changed html so gauges are always centered horizontally on page
  * Adds 'font' folder back in to archive
    - A subset of the original font files included
  * Updated gauges.js
    - minor changes to attempt to fix missing zero values on the rain gauges


  * REQUIRES Cumulus 1.9.2 build *1029* or later
  * Updated gauges.js
    - Moved popup initialiastion into gauges.js and after gauge initialisation, this
      speeds up the page display at the expense of the popup images not being available immediately after
      page load.
    - Changed launch of init() from onLoad to onDomReady - in supported browsers.
  * Updated ddimgtooltips.js (+ minimised version)
    - Moved popup initialiastion into gauges.js
  * Added Swedish translation
    - Courtesy of Björn
    - Updated language.js
    - Added gauges-ssT-se.htm
  * Updated gauges-ssT.htm (+ translations)
    - Removed onLoad() from body tag


  * Removed 'font' folder
  * Updated gauges.css
    - Embedded the LCD font in the CSS file to avoid download timing problems
  * Updated steelseries.js (+ minimised version)
    - Altered LCD font positioning code to try and ensure consistency across browsers (tested on Chrome, IE and FF)


  * Updated gauges.js
    - Reduced the default range for the barometer from 960-1040 to 990-1030hPa (29.0-30.5 to 29.2-30.4inHg).
      This should look better on those sites that have very little pressure variation.
    - Finally(?) at third attempt got the METAR STDY wind calculation correct!
    - Fixed comma decimal bug with temperature and pressure trends.


  * Updated steelseries.js (+ minimised)
    - Up to version 0.9.14, improved TrendIndicator 'glow'
    - Bug fix from 0.9.13


  * Updated gauges.js
    - Fixed bug in METAR STDY wind calculation
    - Fixed Wind Direction titles always displaying in English
  * Updated language.js
    - Added Dutch translations for UV gauge (thanks to 'Marc')
    - HTML5 cleanups
  * Updated gauge-ssT.htm (+ translations)
    - HTML5 cleanups
  * Updated steelseries.js (+ minimised)
    - Up to version 0.9.13, improved TrendIndicator 'glow'


  * Updated gauges.js
    - Fixed comma decimal bug in UV gauge
  * Updated steelseries.js (+ minimised)
    - Up to version 0.9.12, no functional changes from 0.9.11
  * Updated gauges-ssT.htm
    - I left it using the full steelseries script that I debug with rather then the
      minimised version - oops!
  * Updated language.js
    - Partially translated UV gauge


   * Updated gauges-ssT.htm (plus other languages)
     - Added UV gauge
     - Made Cumulus version/build fields dymanically updated by the script
   * Updated ddimgtooltip.js (plus minimised)
     - Amended to cope with non-graphic pop-ups for UV gauge
   * Updated language.js
     - Added UV entries, English only for now, translations required
   * Updated steelseries.js (plus minimised)
     - Uplifted to version 0.9.11a, Cumulus cutdown version
   * Updated realtimeguagesT.txt
     - Added UV and Cumulus version values


   * Updated ddimgtooltip.js/ddimgtooltip.min.js
     - Fixes temperature graph issue
   * Updated steelseries.js to library version 0.9.10
     - Implements new pointer types TYPE15 & TYPE16
     - Implements the TURNED gauge background
     - Improved Trend Indicator
     - Improved pointer shadows


   * Updated steelseries.js to library version 0.9.7
     - Implements trend indicators on Radial gauges
     - Fixes frame redraw bug in Wind gauge
   * Updated gauges.js
     - Implements trend indicators
   * Updated realtimegaugesT.txt
     - Added temptrend and presstrend values


   * No functional changes from v1.3.1
   * Updated all HTML pages
     - Moved hidden DIV to start of the body
     - Moved all the scripts to the end of the document
     - Made w3c validator compliant
   * Updated gauges-ss.css
     - Part of w3c validator compliance changes
   * Updated ddimgtooltip.js/ddimgtooltip.min.js
     - Part of w3c validator compliance changes


   * Updated this readme
     - With corrected remote file slashes, and details on configuring the standard Cumulus pages
       to point to the new SS gauge page
   * Updated steelseries.js to library version 0.9.6
     - The inch rain gauge exposed a bug in the core library
   * Updated gauges.js
     - Made tick label orientation a globally configured item
     - Made rain gauge colouring configurable from global variables at the top of the script
   * Updated realtimegaugesT.txt
     - Small changes for future consistency


   * REQUIRES Cumulus b1025 to function fully (wind direction variation)
   * Updated steelseries.js
     - Added WindDirection component, dual pointer for latest & average directions to replace Compass
     - Switched to a slimed down Cumulus specific version of the library.
     - For the full library please visit
   * Updated gauges.js
     - Now uses new WindDirection component, you can switch off the wind direction variation indication
       using the g_showWindVariation variable (you have a windmilling Fine Offset station for instance!)
     - Removed Wind Direction LCD panel handling - now redundant with new gauge.
     - Default gauge size now 251 (was 250), odd number sizes render better
     - Fixed IE9 javascript exception when realtime txt fetches timed out
   * Updated gauges-ssT.htm (and other languges)
     - Removed radio buttons from wind direction gauge
     - Changed gauge size from 250 to 251
   * Switched realtimegauges.txt to JSON format data
     - Removes the need for the parseReatime.js script


   * Updated steelseries.js
     - Minor tweak to stop filled 'areas' overlapping shaded 'sectors' on radial gauges
     - Minor fix to LED component redraw when changing colour (the halo density used to increase
       with each colour change)
     - Added shadows to LCD text for a more 3D effect - Standard LCD colour only.
     - Optimised the compass rose drawing routines
   * Added gauges-altT.htm and gauges-alt.css
     - Alternative minimal page without any gauge option buttons, and a 'compressed' layout
   * Updated gauges.js
     - Removed logo's showing by default


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Minor: Changed section colours for temperature and rain rates
     - Changed logo images to use the imgPathURL variable for their path
   * Updated steelseries.js
     - Added boolean parameters showDegrees and showRose to the compass component


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Added demo gauge background image layers to Temperature and Dew Point gauges
   * Updated steelseries
     - Added gauge background image layer
   * Added "images" folder
     - Two demo background layer images (logoSmall.png, logoLarge.png)


   * Updated gauges.js
     - Added g_forecast_width variable to easily change the size of the status/forecast display
   * Updated realtimegaugesT.txt
     - Changed temperature units to use new Cumulus 1.9.2 <#tempunitnodeg> web tag.
       The scripts will still work with Cumulus 1.9.1 and the old realtimegaugesT.txt.


   * Updated language.js
     - added Dutch translation courtesy of Ron "nitrx"
   * Added gauges-ssT-nl.htm
     - new Dutch template translation courtesy of Ron "nitrx"
   * Updated gauges.js
     - added sector colouring to the rainrate gauge based on the descriptions in the wiki


   * Updated gauges.js
     - fixed incorrect LANG properties .lowest_infoF and .highest_infoF in the temp gauge popup.
   * Updated language.js
     - added German translation courtesy of Martin "sharonna"
   * Added gauges-ssT-de.htm
     - new German template translation courtesy of Martin "sharonna"


   * Updated gauges.js
     - changes to the changeLang() function to fix 'flashing' effects
   * Updated steelseries.js
     - changes to radial gauge SET methods to better support language switching
   * Updated .htm files
     - to remove the calls to changeLang() that ran before the gauges were initialised.


   * Updated gauges.js
     - fixed temperature popup data strings for languages with masculine/feminine


   * Now works with Cumulus 1.9.1, adds autoscrolling for long forecasts, changes how multiple
     languages are handled.
   * Updated steelseries.js
     - updated to release 'standard release' 0.7.2 from Gerrit
     - fixed logic around LED blinking
     - fixed singleLCD panel clipping text with long thin displays
     - added autoScrolling, automatically scrolls long messages that do not fit in the display,
       short messages are still displayed statically.
   * Updated gauges.js
     - added 'hot' scale shading (above 45C, 110F)
     - added check for Cumulus build number in 'station off-line' code
   * Updated realtimegaugesT.txt
     - added cumulus build number
   * Updated parseRealtime.js
     - updated for extra build number field
   * Updated gauges-ssT.htm, gauges-ssT-Fr.htm
     - added hidden span to force early .ttf font download from web servers that do serve .woff files
     - added include for language.js
     - updated to HTML 5 standards
   * Added language.js file
     - contains language translations, default file contains English & French


   * Updated gauges.js, fixed default windspeed unit. Must be 'mph'

1.0 * Updated gauges.js

     - Now checks for existance of gauge in HTML before attempting to draw it
     - Now checks the results of parseRealtimeGauges() for expected number of values
       in order to detect incomplete/failed realtime downloads
     - LED redraws now limited to state changes, stops 'corona' intensity increasing over time
     - Added changeLang() function, call this after updating the LANG object
     - General code tidy up
   * Updated parseRealtime.js
     - Now returns the number of Cumulus webtag values found
   * Updated gauges-ss.htm
     - Renamed file to gauges-ssT.htm as it is intended to be processed by Cumulus
     - Genernal code tidy up and made to match standard Cumulus templates better
   * Changed default paths so gauges-ss can be installed in main Cumulus folder
     on your web site.

0.9 * Updated gauges.js

     - Fixed scale shading for farenheit temperatures
     - Changed rain and rain rate inches gauges to start range of 0-1 inch
     - Fixed displaying script version in FireFox
   * Updated steelseries.js
     - Added variable decimals to fractionalScale type of radialBargraph gauge

0.8 * Updated ddimgtooltip.js & ddimgtooltip.css

     - Moved all formating out to the CSS file (courtesy of Ray)
     - Added rounded corners and slightly large graph image (courtesy of Ray)
   * Updated realtimegaugesT.txt
     - Added <#timeUTC> data
   * Updated parseRealtime.js
     - Added timeUTC handling
   * Updated gauges.js
     - Added functionality to display error message, and flash status LED if the
       data is 'stale' because the realtime file is not updating.
     - Added string LANG.led_title_offline
     - Added g_stationOfflineTimeout variable to determine offline limit

0.7 * Updated gauges.js:

     - Reintroduced cache defeat on realtimegauges.txt GET (IE9 requirement)
     - Added minimum ranges to barometer scale; 970-1040 hPa or 29.0-30.5 inHg
     - Improved handling/gauge appearance of inHg and inches of rain units
     - Improved temperature range handling; now C: -40 to +60, F: -30 to +130
   * Updated steelseries.js:
     - fix for small fonts on some browser/OS/driver combinations.
     - added 'blinking' method to the sensor warning led.
     - added variable number of decimals on factional scales

0.6 * Updated gauges.js:

     - more tweaking of graph downloads.
     - added option to put 'status' LCD in 'normal' text mode for accented character display.
     - all embedded strings now in one section for 'easier' language localisation
     - English language updates
     - added redirect to 'old' gauges page for incompatible browsers
   * Updated steelseries.js:
     - new version from Gerrit
     - increased radial/radialbargraph scale font size slightly - improves FF5/Windows appearance(?)
     - added compass point Symbol customisation
   * Updated gauges-ss.htm:
     - now formatted like the 'standard' Cumulus template pages
   * Minified the ddimgtooltip.js, parseRelatime.js, tween.js, and steelseries.js files as these are pretty stable
     and not much for people to modify in there.

0.5 * Updated parseRealtime.js, changes decimal points to match the end users locale

   * Updated gauges.js, now counts down correctly on http retries.
     Popup data graphs now only downloaded every 15mins by default.
     Fixed some remaining comma decimal conversions (hope that is all of them now)

0.4 * Updated gauges.js (added forescast .trim() for Davis forecasts, force barometer scale to match expected)

   * Updated ddimgtooltip.js (initial img path was hard coded)
   * Updated realtimegaugesT.txt (wrong version included in v0.3)