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This module has been introduced to provide for information about the running state of CumulusMX and of the System it is running on, information otherwise missing.

The module is implemented on MS Windows and on Linux, NOT on Mac OS. For operation on Linux the user must verify whether the application lshw has been installed. If not that has to be done first with the following command:

   apt-get install lshw

On MS Windows the command systeminfo is used which is always present.


This module is included in the website. When needed as a single output the following command is given:

   utils/bin/cumulusutils.exe SysInfo


The output is the file: systeminfoTable.txt

Inifile parameters

The module has two inifile parameter (see cumulusutils.ini)


Inner working

The applications lshw or systeminfo are started and the output is edited to what is shown on the output page. Only some information is displayed, the rest is discarded. Under MS Windows the output of the systeminfo command is displayed up to the line of the pagefile.

Under MS Windows the user has the ability to skip lines for display by giving the inifile parameter SystemInfoLinesToSkip a value of a comma separated list of line numbers. So:


would skip the first three lines.

The information is displayed as is on the webpage with the HTML PRE tag. The width of the report can be changed with the ReportWidth inifile parameter.