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Recorded daily weather on sheets of paper or in a notebook from when I was a child as despite being brought up in a city I found weather fascinating. I did not have enough knowledge to get into it as a professional career, and my notes relied on instruments sold for gardeners, not to quality needed for professionals.

On retirement I bought myself a Fine Offset Weather Station, used since early 2009 (although some parts have been replaced). Started using Cumulus 1.9.2 (build 1017) just because I wanted something that would produce web pages that I could experiment with (as I had decided to learn HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL; initially because I thought it gave me a saleable skill for my retirement). I named myself "Stupid Fool Weather Station" or SFWS!

For a few years while away from home (and weather station), as a full-time carer, I learnt about METAR usage in all countries of world. When I got back to my home, I focussed on outside pursuits, and usage of any computer virtually ceased.

I had recordings at one (town) location for 10 years. I have moved twice since.

In early 2020 I restarted using Cumulus 1 at my latest home in a village bungalow with garden where I hope to see out my days.