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CumulusUtils provides the module UserReports which is a bit similar to the processing feature of CumulusMX itself. This gives the possibility to create whatever report the user wishes from within the ecosystem of CumulusUtils. When a text file containing webtags is offered to CumulusUtils it is processed and the resulting text file is stored on the website.


The input to this module is/are text file(s) with the name CURPTfilename.txt

This module is included in the website. When needed as a single output the following command is given:

   utils/bin/cumulusutils.exe UserReports


The output of this module is/are reports with the names similar to the input but without the CURPT prefix: filename.txt.

Inifile parameters

This module has no inifile parameters.

Inner working

Any textfile with the prefix CURPT is read and processed. Any webtag within the file is replaced with it's current value. The resulting textfile is then stored locally and immediately uploaded after processing.