Monthly log files

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Please see Standard log files, Extra Sensor Files, Month.ini, or Monthlyalltime.ini, as relevant.

Please be aware that all of above may be described as monthly log files when reading individual Cumulus forum and wiki references. Prior to MX, the name "monthly log" was most often used as a collective term for the last two files linked above.

The original Steve Loft terminology for each of the log files, when they were first introduced in Cumulus 1 has been adopted here to avoid possible future confusion for those looking at older articles in this wiki or oldest posts on the forum. It is hoped that people will return to this terminology, where files are named based on their content, the last two links contain monthly data in each line, just like the daily summary log file contains daily data in each line.

For users of MX, the terminology "monthly log" has shifted to the first linked file which is the log file feeding into a database table called by default Monthly, which of course does not contain monthly data, it is just a log file that is regenerated each month.