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When everyone used Cumulus 1, the Cumulus Wiki was highly rated as being comprehensive (partly because there were multiple contributors, one of whom was the Cumulus author who knew what the software was doing). (Unfortunately, it is not easy to convert pages originally written for the legacy software into pages that document MX, as it is often unclear if the two flavours work the same way, and MX is diverging rapidly from the old functionality).

MX development has been so rapid, with MX now having so much functionality the documentation has not caught up (partly because of lack of contributors). Please be aware that any information on this page may be incorrect, unless the relevant contributor was the developer. This is because when new releases change functionality, the announcement is often unclear on what exactly changed. A lot of research is often needed before MX can be correctly documented!

Cumulus Version MX Specific


From MX release version 3.9.0 - b3095, functionality is added to offer support for the Davis AirLink air quality monitors.


The log files are created each month and are named using the "AirLink<yyyyMM>log.txt" standard, i.e. the year as 4 numerals is followed by the month as two digits in the middle of every file name.


The fields stored in the file are as specified in AirFileHeader.txt.

Uploading latest log to your web server

Put <airlinklogfile> into the Local Filename column in Settings -->> Extra Web Files.


Will somebody post an example of file contents here please