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Cumulus software uses a number of files with a .txt extension that can be described as being in comma separated value format (CSV). Cumulus normally simply appends new lines onto the end of these files, although there is some functionality to read (and in some versions) edit these files.

None of the files hold a header line, although the appropriate header labelling the fields can be found in a different file. Although these files are described as CSV format, that does not mean that the character separating one field from the next field has to be ",". In some locales, the comma character might separate the integer and decimal parts of a number, so the field separator character might be a semi-colon ";".


This sub-category provides links to pages that give explanations for all of the Log files with a .txt extension within Cumulus MX.

The files linked below all use plain text, so that they can be edited outside Cumulus, but there are rules about content, so be very careful about editing outside Cumulus. A "CSV editor", or a simple text editor designed for those writing code, is safer to use than a spreadsheet (if you use a spreadsheet, ensure all columns are set to be "text", don't let it recognise dates, times or numbers), and you must never use a word-processor.

The files will be different depending on the device running MX. So on Microsoft Windows Operating System each line is terminated by a pair of characters (CR and LF), on a UNIX-derived system where Linux uses just LF to end a line, and some versions of Mac Operating System use just CR to terminate each line. If you edit a file on a different device to where any MX executable (CumulusMX.exe, CreateMissing.exe, or ExportToMySQL.exe) runs, beware the line endings might get changed. Recent releases of MX are coded to recognise which line ending was previously used, and will maintain that even if you run an executable on another device.

For Legacy Cumulus 1, a subset of the files listed here are used with some content differences between MX and the legacy software.

Please note that descriptions of those files that are used by the legacy software, and tips, can be found in the Help file within the Cumulus 1 software, it can be read at Cumulus.chm although that help file is formatted to only open if your computer is using a Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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